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Pacifying problem homeowners

n the day-to-day life of the HOA manager, few things are more reliable than complaints.

5 mistakes new landlords make

It’s been said that one of the quickest ways to learn the ins and outs of a new business venture is to make mistakes—and new landlords will find that there are plenty of mistakes to make. Some of the costliest errors can happen before you ever hand the keys over to your first tenant. 

Michigan land contracts

Land contracts basics.

Rule against restraint of alienation

Real property transfer issues

Visited eminent domain

Eminent domain, and modification of common law by legislature.

Riparian rights

A landowner's right to reasonably use surface waters immediately adjacent to the landowner's property.

California mechanics' lien laws

Recording of a mechanics lien on a property can be a very effective way of ensuring payment from an owner for anyone providing either services or supplying material for a work of construction, or of improvement to real estate.

Land owners deserve a fair valuation of their properties

Determining proper valuation of property is not always easy.

The cost of living in a quality school district

The school district that a house is located in will affect the price.