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Medicare Advantage Plans are cautiously incorporating benefits that aid in Aging in Place planning

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Basics of Medicaid planning in Louisiana. An excellent summary of planning for Medicaid assistance with nursing home bills, with consideration of aspects unique to Louisiana.

Brief overview of medicaid

A brief overview of Medicaid by Donald J. Baranski

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Medicare benefits start at age 65, but many people continue working past that age, either by choice or need. It is important to understand how Medicare and employer coverage work together.

Background on the health insurance portability and accountability act

A blog post about HIPAA, its background, U.S. healthcare, and HIPAA protections.

Finding a top hernia mesh recall lawyer

It is important that you retain a top hernia mesh law firm with deep pockets and the resources to get a big settlement on your behalf.

Living wills and advanced health care directives: an overview

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Late life divorce and health care coverage

A blog post about how to secure health care coverage late in life following a divorce.

The implications of divorce and hipaa violations

A blog post about a recent case involving a divorce that caused a violation of HIPAA when an employee of a healthcare provider left behind classified patient information after a divorce.