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Graduate schools churn out the student loan debtors

Even with careers that may get off the ground quickly, high monthly balances due to student loan debt servicers can be crippling.

Lawsuits? default judgments? take care of business, but don’t let stress get you

Although trying to forget about your financial problems may seem like the easiest thing to do, procrastination just increases stress in the long term.

Court judgments signify loss of collections lawsuits

If you are concerned about impending creditor lawsuits or fighting a default judgment, consult with an experienced law firm as soon as possible.

Looking for student loan forgiveness? check out these programs

There are a host of different programs available via the government if you are having trouble making payments on your student loans, and many of them are overlooked by borrowers.

Living paycheck to paycheck? a collections lawsuit could be devastating

The average US consumer has a lot on their shoulders financially; studies show that the typical household holds nearly $135,000.00 in debt. Have you or someone you know been on the receiving end of a collections lawsuit?

Creditor negotiations may still be possible after the default judgment

Consumer debt just continues to grow in the US, with recent news pointing to second quarter numbers that show an increase of $454 billion from one year ago.

Considering grad school? the payoff may be all about student loan debts

Graduate students represent a small number of student loan borrowers, but the amounts they borrow can be astronomical in comparison.

Collections lawsuits: don’t let fear keep you from eliminating debt

Realizing that you are falling into insurmountable debt is frightening, and finding out that you are being sued is certainly worse, not to mention worrying about the threat of a default or court judgment.

Ignoring debt will catch up with you—reach out before there is a court judgment

Delinquencies and defaults can be devastating to your credit, but legal action is an escalation that should have your attention immediately. Even if you know you owe the debt, respond!