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Commercial real estate brokerage agreements – seller’s response to broker’s commission claim

The Nevada legislature passed Senate Bill 452 in 1999 to address the problem of brokers being shortchanged on commissions in commercial real estate sales transactions at the close of escrow.

[watch video] "small estate affidavits in california" by newport beach real estate attorneys

When a person dies, often their estate, their real and personal property along with any liens or debts they may have had, goes into probate. In California, not every estate needs to go through the formal probate process.

Understanding california's small estate affidavits

After a person is deceased, their estate often goes into probate, along with their real and personal property, and any liens or debts they may have had. In California, not every estate needs to go through the formal probate process.

[watch video] "adverse possession in las vegas"

Adverse possession is the legal concept that if the owner of the land isn’t using it, and someone else is giving the land a useful purpose for long enough, the law favors the useful purpose over the land being left unused.

[watch video] "get help with las vegas home improvement contracts"

Home improvement contracts are construction contracts for work to be done on an existing structure. As with any construction project, it is important to confirm that the contractor is properly licensed before any work begins.

[updated] "how to file a complaint with the nevada contractors license board" - las vegas real estate attorneys

The Nevada State Contractors Board is the statewide licensing agency for contractors in the Las Vegas construction industry.

[watch video] "filing a complaint with the nevada mortgage lending division"

The Nevada Mortgage Lending Division is a division operating under the scope of the state’s Department of Business & Industry.

[watch] "fiduciary duties of real estate agents in las vegas" by las vegas real estate attorneys

In Las Vegas, fiduciary duties owed by real estate agents and brokers are codified in Chapter 645.