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Protect your family

Prepare a will or trust AND financial and medical powers to protect your family in the event of your disability or death. We can help.

Probate litigation

A brief summary about Probate Litigation.

General questions and answers about probate

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The basics of revocable (living) trusts in california


The basics of wills and probate in california

The Basics Of Wills And Probate In California

What is the cost of a properly drafted will?

How much do you stand to save by preparing a will based on a will kit, or with a notary as compared to a wills and estates lawyer? It is true that there are likely savings to be found and you stand to save even more if you don’t even prepare a will (around half of us don’t have wills anyway).

What is a testamentary trust?

You can spend your entire life building an estate. Naturally, you may find yourself wondering what might happen to the wealth you have built and who should inherit it once you’ve passed away.

Florida probate law attorney in miami-will disputes-property distribution.

At Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP our Miami Probate Attorneys will stand by your side and provide you effective legal guidance and representation during any stage of the Florida Probate process.