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Court judgments granted: the clock is ticking!

A late response to a collections lawsuit may be accepted if you have a valid excuse, but in general, you should plan to answer as soon as possible. Failure to do so can result in negative repercussions, as a default judgment will most likely be granted.

Is the great recession the reason for today’s student loan crisis?

Delinquencies and defaults on student loans are not only damaging to credit; they can lead to collections lawsuits, interception of tax refunds, wage garnishments, and more.

Consumer debt topics: when the collections lawsuit escalates

Medical bills are the number one reason for consumers in the US landing in hot water over money matters. If you've used credit cards to pay for co-pays, prescriptions, doctor’s visits, and procedures, you probably maxed out your limit shockingly fast.

Credit card debt this year: consumers paid $104 billion in interest and fees

Taking on a credit card may seem like a good idea at first, but in many cases, credit cards are a slippery slope offering the temptation to spend more than you can afford.

Mortgage liens in chapter 7 bankruptcy

Houston Bankruptcy attorneys are often asked what happens to mortgage liens in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Main causes of personal insolvencies

What are the leading causes of personal insolvencies?

David’s bridal files chapter 11 bankruptcy

On November 5th David’s Bridal filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy makes the creditors stop calling

The bankruptcy system is set up to give you time to reorganize your debts or liquidate your assets depending on the type of bankruptcy you choose.

Bankruptcy myth: untrustworthy people file

Some misconception is that shady people rack up a bunch of bills and they want the courts to bail them out.