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Free consultations: a primer on what to expect

Although the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Model Rules of Professional Conduct do not explicitly require individual attorneys or law firms to offer free initial consultations, many lawyers advertise them. These meetings give prospective clients a chance to gauge whether or not they have a strong case. At the same time, the attorneys have the opportunity to share their expertise and opinions with someone struggling over legal concerns.

General questions and answers about wrongful death

These are some basic questions and answers about Wrongful Death.

General questions and answers about personal injury

There are some basis questions and answers about Personal Injury.

Laws protecting children from bullying at school

There are laws protecting children from bullying at school. If a child is bullied there is recourse.

Receiving workers compensation for burn injuries

Burn injuries are often incredibly painful, hard to treat, and have drastic long-term consequences.

How a pre-existing condition affects your st. louis car accident claim

Though no car accident is simple, ones that involve pre-existing conditions are especially complex.

Medical negligence of dancing doctor injures nearly 100 women

Shocking videos posted on YouTube show a dancing, singing dermatologist performing for the camera as she operates on sedated patients.

Injuries caused by recalled vehicles

One of the last thing that a driver imagines happening when they get behind the wheel, start the ignition, pull out into the street and merge onto the highway is to get stuck in cruise control and barrel at top speed into the back of braking tractor trailer.

Why semi-trucks are the most dangerous vehicle on st louis roads

Semi-trucks can be very dangerous. They are big, carry dangerous cargo, and sometimes have negligent drivers behind the wheel.