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Know when to accept your insurance company's offer after a car accident

The New York City attorneys at Kaplan Lawyers suggest those injured in car accidents do not accept the first offer from an insurer. It is best to determine the value of all damages, including future medical costs for not only physical injuries but pain and suffering as well, and lost wages. Once a damage amount is calculated, then an injured person is better able to understand a reasonable amount for a settlement offer.

A brief guide to different types of personal injury claims

Learn about types of personal injury claims, with practice area examples including car accident, medical malpractice, wrongful death, product liability and premises liability claims. The article also explains how to prove fault in a personal injury claim.

What happens in a car accident investigation?

Attorney Charles Allen discusses the process and key points of an investigation following a car accident.

How an injury lawyer in nyc can help you

How an Injury Lawyer in NYC Can Help You

Seeking a highly-rated car crash attorney in new york city?

Seeking a Highly-Rated Car Crash Attorney in New York City?

Looking for an experienced motorcycle accident attorney in new york city?

Looking for an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Attorney in New York City?

Why should i hire a delivery truck accident attorney in new york city?

Why Should I Hire a Delivery Truck Accident Attorney in New York City?

Searching for a competent and relentless construction accident attorney in nyc?

Searching for a Competent and Relentless Construction Accident Attorney in NYC?

Arizona's recreational use statute, who does it protect?

Arizona's Recreational Use Statute, Who Does It Protect?