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Andrew Stein | Bellflower Criminal Lawyer

Andrew Stein Lawyer

Andrew Marc Stein

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Felony, Misdemeanor

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Andrew M. Stein has been practicing law for over thirty years and has specialized in the area of criminal law and civil rights. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from the State University of New York in 1975. He went on to earn his law degree from the University of San Diego, School of Law in 1978. To date, Andrew M. Stein has successfully tried over 200 cases to verdict! Throughout his career, Andrew M. Stein has earned a reputation for being a top defender in the legal community and earned the respect of his peers and top judges throughout Southern California. He is the man that cops love to hate, but call when they need help! He is a firm believer that "cross-examination is the vehicle to truth".

Andrew M. Stein remains active in the legal community and continues to maintain his post-graduate training by regularly attending seminars to stay up to date with the most current law. He also belongs to numerous associations including the American Bar Association, (Criminal Law Section), California Public Defenders Association, and the Los Angeles County Bar Association, (Law Enforcement and Justice Committee).

He is also a sustaining member of the Criminal Courts Bar Association, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice, and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He also serves a current Board of Director for the Los Angeles Criminal Courts Bar Association and even served as its 55th President in 2008. Among his many accomplishments, Andrew M. Stein was presented with the “Lawyer of the Year” award in 2000 by the Southeast Bar Association.

Position Organization Location Duration
Attorney Law Office of Andrew M. Stein N/A Present
School Degree Major Graduation
University of San Diego School of Law Law School N/A
State University of New York BA Sociology 1975
State / Court Date
California 1978
  • American Bar Association
    California Public Defenders Association
    Los Angeles County Bar Association
    Criminal Courts Bar Association
    California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
    National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • “Lawyer of the Year”, 2000, Southeast Bar Association.
  • 1. People v. Johnny T.: The defendant was charged with assaulting his baby and causing great bodily injury to the child. The defendant was on federal probation at the time. The prosecutors expert testified that the defendant was guilty. On cross-examination, Mr. Stein got the expert to say the defendant was possibly NOT GUILTY. Based on this, the judge found the defendant NOT GUILTY.

    2. People vs. Omar G.: NOT GUILTY. The defendant was charged with Murder with Special Circumstances, making the defendant eligible for the DEATH PENALTY. The case was tried TWICE. The first time the jury came back with a hung verdict, 10 to 2, guilty and at the second trial, Mr. Stein got a NOT GUILTY VERDICT IN THREE HOURS!

    3. People v. Arturo C.: NOT GUILTY MURDER 1 and 2, PLEA TO MANSLAUGHTER. The defendant was charged with murder. He allegedly shot an unarmed gang member. The defendant claimed he feared for his life.The jury found the defendant NOT GUILTY OF BOTH FIRST AND SECOND DEGREE MURDER! The defendant pled to the less offense of manslaughter.

    4. People vs. Larry N.: NOT GUILTY. The defendant was charged with manslaughter. The defendant shot an unarmed man who was verbally threatening him. The defendant confessed on video-tape. He was still found NOT GUILTY.

    5. People vs. Wayne K. NOT GUILTY. The defendant was a Sunday school teacher is who was falsely accused of CHILD MOLESTATION. The defendant was innocent but nobody would listen to the evidence. The trial was scheduled to commence right before Christmas. The defendant had already spent nine months in jail. After the trial commenced and Mr. Stein's vigorous cross-examination of the victims, the District Attorney conceded the defendant's innocence and told the judge to find our client NOT GUILTY.

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(1978) Licensed as Attorney in California. Verified with California Bar Association. June 05, 2015

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9944 Flower St
Bellflower, CA 90706

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  • Serving Bellflower, California and the surrounding area.

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