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Accident & Injury, Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, Animal Bite, Car Accident, Wrongful Death, Slip and Fall, Trucking Accidents


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When you get hurt, you're going to start losing income and incurring bills. Even if you have insurance, you may have copays and deductibles, property damage, rental car costs and many other expenses to worry about. Problems will start stacking up quickly. It can feel like you are caught in a financial storm.

And what happens if you don't have health insurance at all, yet you have serious injuries? Who will take care of you? How will you get to see a doctor? You need to call me, Brunswick attorney Brad McLelland. I will guide you through the intricacies of legal issues, medical bills and other problems. My mission is to help you get your injuries resolved, lost wages restored and recover full compensation for your injury-related expenses. I have a strong track record of doing exactly that for thousands of Georgia injury victims — obtaining millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements.
Please describe a case in the last year or two where you made a big difference.

A young girl had suffered a dog bite on her face when her mom reached out to me for help. With my connections, I was able to quickly get the little girl in to see a highly-rated plastic surgeon so she would not be scarred for life on her face. In addition, we were able to recover $150,000 for her family's trauma and suffering despite the fact that her medical bills only totaled $3000. This amount came from a result of creative thinking and using our various resources that most other attorneys would not have bothered to pursue.

How did you build a successful practice?

Before beginning my practice, I worked for a defense firm that worked with the big insurance companies. This gave me insight into how they think. I used that knowledge when I transitioned to plaintiff's work so that I could maximize the recovery for my clients. Through 20 years of hard work and dedication to my clients, I have built a reputation of being a smart lawyer that an injured worker or car accident victim should have by their side. I have recovered millions for my clients and continue to fight for them every day.

What should clients look for in a lawyer?

Selecting the right lawyer can be the difference in a great result or being left with debt, disappointment and dissatisfaction with the legal process. You deserve to have an attorney who has time to meet with you, and doesn't simply push you off to a paralegal. You deserve an attorney who lives and works in your community, and understanding the values and ideals of where we live. You also deserve a lawyer who is honest, and not going to waste your time or energy and give you the best legal advice, even if it means more work for the lawyer. At my office, we never force anyone to settle, and will always get your approval before making any decisions. The TV guys can't say the same thing.

How important is local knowledge to the success of your cases?

Relationships with judges, opposing counsel and medical providers are invaluable to getting you prompt treatment and fair compensation. As an attorney who has specialized in personal injury law in southeast Georgia for the last 20 years, I have built the connections that help my clients throughout the life of their case including, if necessary, through the court system. The same can be said of my experience in southeast Georgia which I use to persuade juries in favor of my clients.

What information can you provide in a free phone consultation?

When you call our office, we will be able to give you a fair evaluation of your case. We will be honest and tell you what your best next steps would be, and will set up a face to face meeting with you to review any paperwork or documentation you may have, as well as ask questions to best understand how we can assist you. If you're not able to come to us, we can come to your hospital room or set up an appointment for nights or weekends too.

What information do you need in a free phone consultation?

On your initial call, we will need to know a few things. We will first and foremost want to hear what has happened to you. We will need to know when and where your accident happened, and if you have yet to visit a doctor or emergency room. If you are in a car accident, we will need to know if you have received the police report yet or have access to it or any photos of you or your vehicle. If you were hurt at work, we will need to know if you have filed with your employer, how long you have been out of work and what doctors you have already seen or treated with. Any of the information you don't have we can always obtain, including police reports and other times of incident reports,so if you don't have something, don't let that stop you from calling us. We are here to help.

What differentiates you from other lawyers in your community?

I have specialized in injury law for over 20 years; this has allowed me to develop the ability to fairly evaluate and work cases so that I can maximize recovery for all my clients. I also look at cases from many different angles, and spend personal time and attention on each case. If you are my client, I will know who you are when you walk in my door, and you will have regular contact with me from our initial visit until we close your case . Do not hire a lawyer who doesn't think enough of you personally meet with you. If they do not care enough to meet with you from the beginning why do you think they will care enough later on? The answer is they won't! Instead, they will use ""runners"" and ""case managers"" to handle your claim. The firms that are set up this way do so because it allows the attorney to put little effort into your case as they are handling hundreds upon hundreds of files at any given time. At my office, we're small enough to know all our clients and their case details, but have enough experience to take on the big insurance companies and win.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?

The most satisfying part of my job is when I am able to get my clients what they deserve- the peace of mind knowing that they have been heard, received medical care and been treated fairly by a system set up to avoid that. It is difficult dealing with insurance companies who are never looking out for your best interest, despite how nice they may be on the surface. I know that I am making a difference and it gives me great pride and satisfaction in knowing that I am doing the work I was intended to do.

Position Organization Location Duration
Managing AttorneyThe Law Office of Brad S. McLellandBrunswick, GAPresent
PartnerWhitworth McLellandBrunswick, GA2009-2018
School Degree Major Graduation
University of Alabama School of LawJ.D. Law School1998  
Auburn University, AuburnBachelors1995
State / Court Date
  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association | 2010 - Present
    Glynn County Bar Association | 1998 - Present
    State Bar of Georgia | 1998 - Present
  • AV Preeminent        Martindale-Hubbell®        2018
    AV Preeminent        Martindale-Hubbell®        2017
    AV Preeminent        Martindale-Hubbell®        2016
    AV Preeminent        Martindale-Hubbell®        2015
  • Client Reviews

    Awesome law firm! Mr. McLelland and his staff have helped me and my family in a couple of personal injury cases. They treat you like family and they keep you informed of what’s happening with your case. They are awesome, honest people! Highly recommended!!

    -Rebecca Buffer

    My family was involved in a horrible accident with a semi-truck, which caused the deaths of my girlfriend and her son, and it nearly took my mother's life. Brad McLelland and his paralegal, Jessie, helped us every step of the way, from the first meeting and beyond settlement. They showed our family such compassion and we never doubted that they were doing the best for us. Mr. McLelland is a local attorney, which made it easy to speak with him any time we needed to and convenient to have all our needs met. Mr. McLelland ensured that my mother had the best medical care and dealt with the investigation and insurance companies so that we could focus on grieving and healing. When it came time for settling our cases, Brad was aggressive with the at-fault driver and the insurance companies involved and ensured that our family was taken care of for many years to come. I can't think of anyone else I would've wanted in our corner during the worse time in our lives. If you've been injured or Lord forbid lost someone as a result of an accident like we did, I recommend calling Brad McLelland.

    -Shade Rooks

    When you need a lawyer to represent your interests in a Workers Compensation case, I wholeheartedly recommend Brad McLelland.

    My husband was injured at work and we believed that as long as we did everything asked of him by his employer, his physician and the insurance company, they would pay him what he was due under GA law. We were sadly mistaken. We were jerked around by the insurance company at every turn. We were made to jump through hoops, denied medications, shorted on weekly payments, and made to endure humiliating light duty work. We finally realized that the insurance company and his employer were NOT looking out for our best interest but their own.

    It's at this point that we sought out Attorney Brad McLelland, as he came highly recommended by another Attorney we knew. From our very first meeting with Brad and his staff, we were highly impressed. Brad explained the laws of GA and how they pertained to my husbands situation. He was very thorough and made the process of deciding that he was the attorney for the job, simple.

    Throughout the entire process, Brad and his staff remained in constant contact. Whether by email, telephone or in person, he and/or his staff were always the consummate professionals. They answered any and all questions we may have had in layman's terms which were easy to understand. Going through the Worker's Compensation system is not easy. But knowing that Brad and his staff were fighting for us, dealing with the insurance company and their demands, and pushing them toward an equitable conclusion, gave us peace of mind.

    Brad McLelland negotiated a settlement that was fair to us. We know the outcome would have been drastically different if we had not sought out his representation. We trust the Law Office of Brad McLelland. I would not hesitate to recommend his office to you if you find yourself in need of legal representation.

    - Kim Hankerson

    Brad has developed a reputation in southeast Georgia as an in-demand attorney who is sought out for his stellar work ethic and superb results. He’s the preferred provider for other attorneys to refer to significant personal injury and workers compensation cases. I highly recommend him!

    -Jeff Segui

    My husband and I met with Brad and Jessie today and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Not only were they very understanding, they were sympathetic to our situation. I would highly recommended attorney Brad McLelland to anyone needing a voice to speak up for them when their voice can’t be heard.

    -Chris Nickelson

    The staff at this law firm worked hard to settle my auto accident claim even though there were complicated circumstances. After settlement, I owed nothing to my medical providers and I had money left over for past/future pain & suffering. I highly recommend!

    - Jessica Davis

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Change Date Change Field Previous Content
2019-03-14Firm NameWhitworth & Mclelland
2016-07-26Address1801 Gloucester Street Gloucester Square, Suite A Brunswick GA 31520 US
Brad McLelland
3467 Cypress Mill Road
Brunswick, GA 31520


3467 Cypress Mill Road
Brunswick, GA 31520

Other Locations:
  • Proudly serving Brunswick, GA and the surrounding areas.




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