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Equifax data breach

The Equifax Data Breach impacts roughly 143 million people. Lear more about your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act!

Is it possible to buy a home after filing bankruptcy?

Buying a home after filing bankruptcy.

The truth about bankruptcy in virginia

Your Guide to Financial Freedom

Discharge of student loans in bankruptcy

Student loans are difficult but not impossible to discharge in bankruptcy. While courts are reluctant to discharge student debt a student burdened by his student loan has options. For more information on this subject contact the law office of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Associates at 800 - 233 - 8521

Student loan forgiveness : fact or fiction?

It is a common misconception that student loans can not be wiped out or eliminate. The truth is there are many ways to resolve student debt. This article discusses one of them. For more information on this subject contact the law offices of Mitchell Reed Sussman & Assoc. 800 - 233 - 8521

Too good to be true? can you really, legally wipe away all of your debt and start over debt free with a chapter 7 bankruptcy in illinois

The benefits of a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Illinois The possibility to start over fresh and gain financial freedom The possibility to eliminate out all of your credit card debt and/or medical debt and keep everything that you own

Financial freedom could be just around the corner...

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be your dream come true of getting out of debt and starting over....

I wish i had known this when i was younger....

There is a way to get out of debt and start over

Do you want to wipe out all of your bills and keep everything that you own? to get a fresh start, debt free?

The legal way to wipe away all of your bills and keep everything that you have. It is possible to start over debt free. It is possible to wipe out your credit card bills and medical bills.