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Social security and workers compensation off set

Social security and workers compensation off set

25 strategies to qualify for benefits and get money faster

25 Strategies to Qualify for Benefits and Get Money Faster

Why work with a social security attorney?

Why work With A Social Security Attorney

What types of cases are resolved in maryland's district courts?

People typically don't think much about the court system until they find themselves on either side of a legal action. And even then, they might initially gloss over differences between the district and circuit courts, considering the terms to be roughly synonymous.

Ssd approval takes time – don’t wait to apply

In 2017, more than a million Americans were awaiting a hearing to try to obtain Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits after an initial rejection. The backlog continues today, despite increased funding by the Social Security Administration intended to cut it down. The average wait was nearly two years, which resulted in many applicants dying before they could get a final answer from SSA.

Public bargaining in light of chapter 20 changes

This article covers the major changes to public bargaining in Iowa after the 2017 Legislative revisions to Chapter 20.

Common public sector employment issues

The article covers employment issues that cause problems for employers--such as background checks, documentation and discipline.

Government conflicts of interest

This article and presentation covers common conflicts of interest for municipal officers and employees.

How to estimate potential ssd benefits

Knowing whether you may be eligible for social security disability (SSD) is one thing. Determining how much you are likely to receive per month if you are eligible is another. Yet it’s essential to focus on both aspects of the SSD claims process, especially for individuals who anticipate leaning heavily on SSD to cover a sizable portion of their household and medical bills.