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D. Christopher Russell | The Serious Injury Lawyers™ and Criminal Defense Lawyers

D. Christopher Russell Lawyer

D. Christopher Russell

The Serious Injury Lawyers

Accident & Injury, Wrongful Death, DUI-DWI, Felony, Courts-Martial & Discharge, Insurance Bad Faith

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Our goal is to make the community a safer place for you and your family. We represent those seriously injured or the families of those killed in accidents. We strive to hold those responsible for needlessly causing harm to someone in our community. We are committed to the jury system and understand that the jury is the conscience of the community and the enforcer of community safety standards. We limit the number of cases we take so we can dedicate our time and personal attention to helping those in need. With 16 years of experience, we are committed to getting you fair compensation and justice. We are willing to go to trial when justice demands. When the insurance defense lawyers see our level of commitment, it increases the value of settlements. At The Russell’s Law Firm, PLC, we understand how overwhelming the legal process can be. If you are accused of a crime we understand how important it is to protect your rights and fight for you. We use our many years of experience to advise and support you along the way. With our help, we can create a personalized strategy for your case that will increase your chances of a positive result. We offer our clients: Military experience. Attorney D. Christopher Russell served in the U.S. Army Armor Corps for seven years and was a major in the U.S. Army JAG Corps for six years. He understands military life and the re-acclimation struggles that may follow after serving. We represent military veterans who have been accused of a crime with compassion and understanding. A personalized focus. Our clients appreciate our personal approach to each case we handle. We want to help injury victims get the compensation they deserve and ensure freedom for people who have been accused of a crime. We form a relationship with each of our clients to get them the best possible results. Chris’ background gives him the foundation for meticulous attention to detail and dogged pursuit of justice. A professional and ethical approach. Chris Russell has earned the highest possible recognition from his peers in the legal industry for professionalism and ethics. You can count on our firm to represent you with competence and integrity. Member Questionnaire

Please describe a case(s) in the last year or two where you made a big difference.
At The Russell’s Law Firm we go to court when justice demands. In the last two years our lawyers have tried over a dozen cases between personal injury cases and criminal defense cases, obtaining over a million dollars in verdicts and not guilty findings, respectively. In several serious injury cases the insurance companies refused to deal fairly with our clients, the injured victims. Our lawyers went to trial and obtained fair and just compensation for our clients. Accordingly, the clients were able to get the compensation they needed to take care of themselves, and their families. In criminal cases, the Government’s oppressive and unreasonable conduct required our lawyers go to trial. We obtained not guilty verdicts or dismissals on behalf of the innocent.

How did you build a successful practice?
The Russell’s Law Firm has built a successful trial practice for the people. We do not represent insurance companies or the government. We limit the number of cases we take so we can focus on our individual clients. We take pride in learning our client’s story. Our commitment gets the justice that our clients deserve. Our results build our reputation in the community. Our reputation earns us referrals from other lawyers and people in the community.

What should clients look for in a lawyer?
Potential clients need to look for lawyers that specially train in the area of the law where they have needs. Potential clients need to ensure that any lawyer they hire is committed to their case and that their lawyer deals openly and honestly with them.

How important is local knowledge to the success of your cases?
There are three basic things that are crucial to the success of any case: (1) discovering the client’s story; (2) knowledge of the specific areas of the law; and (3) knowing your decision maker. The reason The Russell’s Law Firm limits the number of cases we take is so that we have the time and personal dedication to discovering our client’s story. The reason The Russell’s Law Firm limits the areas in which we practice is so that our lawyers can be specially trained, and continue their training, in the specific areas of the law in which we focus. Finally, in each case, our lawyers take the steps needed to learn all we can about the decision makers in a case, whether that is a judge or a jury.

What information can you provide in a free phone consultation?
The primary purpose of a phone consultation is to determine whether the potential client has a legal matter in which we can help. Our lawyers and staff are trained to discuss a potential client’s concerns in a manner that allows us to determine if we can assist the potential client with their problem. Often times our lawyers are able to provide general guidance to the potential client so the caller does not need to hire a lawyer. Other times our lawyers and staff may refer a potential client to another law firm or service that is better suited to handle the potential client’s legal matter. Otherwise, our staff and lawyers will take the necessary steps to ensure that the potential client is seen and retained.

What information do you need in a free phone consultation?
In the initial call, as well as in a phone consultation, our lawyers and staff need: (1) the people involved in the potential legal matter (Who), (2) when the potential legal matter arose (When), (3) where the potential legal matter took place (Where), (4) what happened that caused the problem (What), and to the best of the callers ability, (5) why the problem happened (Why). In a criminal or DUI case, we need to know if the potential client has the ability to pay for a lawyer.

What differentiates you from other lawyers in your community?
The lawyers at The Russell’s Law Firm are specially trained at The Trial Lawyer’s College™ in Dubois, Wyoming. Our lawyers are experienced in trying both civil and criminal cases. Our lawyers and staff have a unique model that allows us to discover our client’s true stories, effectively represent our clients, and either fairly and justly settle our client’s case or obtain justice from a jury in the courtroom.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Each of our staff and lawyers takes great pride and pleasure in helping people. Our Mission Statement and our core values emphasize that we are champions for the people. There is no greater reward for us than making a meaningful difference in an individual’s life.

What are your other interests in addition to law?
We encourage our lawyers and staff to travel. Traveling and experiencing other communities and other cultures enriches our lives and permits us to develop a deeper understanding of people, relationships, and the human condition.

Are you involved in your community?
Our goal is to make the community a safer place for the people and their families. Each of us dedicate our personal time in participating in local charities, events and in giving back to the community with through personal effort. Due to personal losses and suffering, our lawyers are especially dedicated to helping those families who have lost a child, or had a child suffer serious injury, due to another’s negligence.

Position Organization Location Duration
Owner The Russell's Law Firm, PLC N/A 2012-Present
Owner Borowiec, Borowiec & Russell, P.C. N/A 2003-2012
School Degree Major Graduation
Gonzaga University School of Law J.D. Law School 1996
Eastern Washington University B.A. N/A n/a
State / Court Date
Washington 1997
Arizona 2003
  • Sierra Vista Bar Association
    Washington State Bar Association
    American Bar Association
    U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
    U.S. District Court, District Court of Arizona, 2003
    U.S. Supreme Court, 2008
  • Recipient, American Jurisprudence Award for Products Liability
  • United States v. Creighton, Army 2001-208 (Army Court of Criminal Appeals)
    Bennett v. Baxter Group, Inc., 223 Ariz. 414 (Div. 2, 2010)

D. Christopher Russell has been a Premium Member since March 03, 2015.
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Verified Credentials Date Verified
(1997) Licensed as Attorney in Washington. Verified with Washington State Bar Association. March 03, 2015
(2003) Licensed as Attorney in Arizona. Verified with State Bar of Arizona. March 03, 2015

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AZ State Lawyer Additional Information: Professional Liability Insurance: Yes History/Discipline: None More About: D. Christopher Russell , Educated at Gonzaga, admitted to practice in 1997, admitted to the State Bar of Arizona October 24, 2003. Year Admitted To Practice In: 1997 WA State Lawyer Additional Information: Private Practice: Yes Last Updated: 01/15/2014

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Update Date:2014-06-03


741 East Fry Blvd
Ste 200
Sierra Vista, AZ 85635

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  • The Russell’s Law Firm, PLC represents clients in Arizona and throughout the country in personal injury and criminal defense legal matters.

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