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Real Estate, Divorce & Family Law, Bankruptcy & Debt, Criminal, Immigration

At Basham & Michaud Law, our skillful handling of business and related legal issues is what brings most of our clients to the firm for the first time. What keeps our clients with us is our total... (more)


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Provisions for Immigration Policy Changes in President Trump's March 6 Travel Order
In this post, I will examine President Trump's justification for the new Travel Order as stated in the text of the Order itself and, more generally, the provisions in the Travel Order for subsequent changes to the vetting of visa applicants and the immigration system.
Mother Sues School for Emotional Distress In Special Education Injury
Blog post about a mother who sued her child's school for forcibly restraining him with excessive force that caused him to receive a blow to the head that caused a serious injury.
School District For Student's Special Education Falls Outside Jurisdiction
Blog post about the laws regarding accommodations that must be met by the state to make sure that special education students receive a proper education.
Termination of Autism Paraprofessionals Violates Public Policy, Says Court
Blog post about a termination of autism paraprofessionals that was found to have been a violation of public policy.
Parent's Special Education Claim Fails By Ignoring Administrative Remedies
Blog post about parents who unsuccessfully sued the school board of their town after they failed to use the proper administrative remedies.
Private Academy Sues Parents For Unpaid Tuition
Blog post about a private school that sued parents seeking unpaid tuition payments that were not made after the student was withdrawn.
Eligible Student Denied Tuition Assistance For Past Expenses
Blog post about a student who sued to have the department of social services provide her with tuition assistance.
Private School Denies Transfer Student's Request to Participate in Athletics
Blog post about a transfer student who sued his new private school when he was denied an exception to their rule not allowing transfer students to participate in sports programs for a full year.
Freedom of Information Act Forces Private School to Disclose Financial Info
Blog post discussing the effects of the Freedom of Information Act on private schools.
Daughter Awarded $14,365.19 For Tuition Expenses
Blog post about a daughter suing her father for breach of contract after he failed to pay for her school tuition and car insurance that they had contracted for him to do.
Parents Reclaim $6,077 In Tuition Costs From Private Pre-School
Blog post about parents that were able to recover tuition from a private pre-school after withdrawing their child.
Former Yale Wrestling Team Sues University for Breach of Contract
Blog post about the former Yale University wrestling team suing the school for breach of contract to stop them from terminating the team.
Court Rejects Student's Claim that University "Wasn't Good Enough"
Blog post on a case where a student sued his school claiming that the education he received was inadequate.
Former Residents Sue School Board for Public Education
Blog post about two parents' lawsuit against a school board for the right to keep their children in the town's schools after moving out of town.
Quinnipiac Student Sues For "Severe Beating" Sustained on Campus
Blog post about a school's liability for a student being assaulted on campus by a non-student guest.
Family Awarded $6 Million For Loss of Life in Medical Malpractice Suit
Blog post about a case where a man died due to medical malpractice and his family was awarded $6 million in damages.
Patient Awarded $4.5 Million in CT's Biggest Dental Malpractice Verdict
Blog post about a large award given for a root canal that performed incorrectly.
Jury Awards Mother $4.25 Million for "Botched Epidural"
Blog post on a large award given to a woman for a botched epidural shot she received going into childbirth.
Misdiagnosis of Heart Condition Yields $3 Million to Decedent's Family
Blog post about a misdiagnosed heart condition that led to an award of $3 million when it caused decedent's death.
University Rejects Order to Disclose Student Employee Records
Blog post on the privacy afforded to students employed by the university they attend regarding the Freedom of Information Act.