LawPoints - Enhancing Your Presence With Content


When a potential client comes to, they may conduct a search for representation by practice area and location. They will then immediately receive a list of qualified lawyers via our search algorithm. Typically, visitors prefer profiles that are rich in content to those that are incomplete. To determine each Profile's completeness and provide the best possible user experience, we have established LAWPOINTS™.

What Are LawPoints?

  • LawPoints distinguish how much content a Lawyer has on their Profile; the more content a lawyer provides, the higher their LawPoints will be.
  • Content is broken down into several categories that we find visitors often use to select a Lawyer, ie: a Professional Introduction, Work Experience, Education, etc.
  • The maximum amount of LawPoints per Profile is 100; additional LawPoints can be awarded based on tenure as a Premium Member.
  • L​aw​P​oints™ measure the overall completeness of a Lawyer's profile. More complete profiles are ranked higher and help visitors select the right lawyer faster. We help paid Members build more complete and informative profiles. L​awPoints​™ do not measure a Lawyer's reputation​.
  • Fresh, informative content will also help Google and other search engines deliver more qualified visitors.

How to Increase LawPoints

  • Premium Members enjoy enhanced listings, optimal exposure, and have full control over the content on their Profile.
  • Premium Members have the ability to add as much information to their listing as they like and are informed of how many LawPoints each content field is worth.
  • To learn more about the Premium Membership and all of its benefits, please click below or call 800-620-0900.