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Coulter Lambson

Divorce & Family Law, Juvenile Law, Child Custody, Paternity, Alimony & Spousal Support Law firm

"The staff at Coulter-Lambson goes above and beyond for their clients and their families. Joe and his staff were live savers for us. He was able to provide us with an unimaginable amount of knowledge for our case and advice to make it better. He gave us peace of mind, care and such compassion during our time leading up to our trial and the trial itself. Joe is unbelievably helpful and genuine; but also someone who is tough as nails. We have been through the system twice now in 3 years regarding our child custody agreement and we are very excited to say that he helped my husband in his custody battle and provided us with a win. Joe and his staff are very detailed orientated and are always available at their client's disposal. There are currently no more sleepless nights, and this is the first time our family has been stress free in years, we owe that to Coulter Lambson."

  1 year ago     Beth Naeger

"I was distressed when i saw Joseph and was concerned that my issue could not be resolved in a timely or affordable manner. Joe was compassionate but he also solved the issue speedily and without breaking the bank. He is knowledgeable and patient. My family and I are grateful"

  10 months ago     wambui waruingi

"Curran Coulter was a beacon of hope to me at a time when my options appeared limited and the likelihood of a reasonable resolution seemed impossible. Mr. Coulter represented me in a rare child custody/jurisdiction case while I was living out-of-state and was always calm and compassionate. He was responsive, kept me informed, caring and respectful about what I was going through. His support helped me walk through a difficult and confusing process. Curran was always readily available and even when I had "emergencies" after hours, he always responded within minutes-instructing me as to the best course of action. In many cases, the timeliness of his replies turned out to be essential to the outcome of my case. Curran always was on my side financially and constantly advised me about the costs and alternatives available. nI am eternally grateful for his service and I hereby recommend Mr. Curran Coulter and the Law Firm without reservation."

  1 year ago     Saif A.

"I hired this firm and they provided excellent service keeping me updated and informed every step of the way. I recommend them if you are in need of any legal representation."

  11 months ago     Joe Weiss

"I highly recommend everyone at Coulter Lambson, especially Curran Coulter. They are top-notch family law attorneys, and I always feel comfortable asking for their advice and guidance with respect to my own work. Most importantly, their extensive knowledge of the law gives them the flexibility to develop unique and creative solutions for every client's needs."

  1 year ago     Brian Winebright

Coulter Lambson
2460 Executive Drive
Saint Charles, MO 63303


2460 Executive Drive
Saint Charles, MO 63303

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