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Darya S. Druch, Attorney at Law

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For the past few years I have focused almost exclusively on representing debtors, although from time to time I represent creditors. I have a wide range of clients and I tailor my services to the unique needs of each client.

Bankruptcy Litigation:
--I am willing in certain cases to represent clients that have litigation needs in the bankruptcy court. This usually comes up when a creditor sues a debtor for fraud or the debtor wants to try to discharge a student loan.  Sometimes, trustees sue a debtor or their family member for transfers that took place before the case was filed. This is why it is important to be honest and tell your attorney about all assets that were transferred so mistakes can be avoided.

Student Loans:
--Student loans are a very difficult legal challenge. I am very proud of how I was able to help a client discharge part of her student loan due to disability. The case was hard-fought and included a 3-day trial.

Self Help:
--I believe that clients should read up on bankruptcy laws but should understand that some procedures may vary. Each court has its unique characteristics and only regular practice in a given court gives the attorney full knowledge of how to navigate the system to the client's advantage. What is right on paper for one type of case may be totally wrong for a particular situation. I have been practicing bankruptcy law for over 20 years. In that time, I have developed a sense of what will work and what will not work. I have seen too many disasters come out of people trying to represent themselves in bankruptcy court.

Practice Philosophy:
--I decided to become a lawyer because I like to help people. At one point in my life, I wanted to be a social worker, but I was also drawn to the law. I love bankruptcy law because in a relatively short period of time, I can actually help people solve their problems. In litigation, one very rarely "wins" everything. In bankruptcy, you can get a fresh start, discharge most of the debt and restructure those debts which cannot be discharged. Most clients are very happy at the end of the process and relieved to find themselves debt free for the first time in a long while.

I am a good listener and I try to help people solve not only their legal problems, but sometimes the issues that caused the problems in the first place. I am a straight-talker and I'm not afraid to tell clients the truth about their situation. I believe that if a client comes to me with a problem I am not doing any favors by sugar-coating my advice.

Personal Service:
--When you hire me, I will be the only one to give advice and handle your case. I work quickly and efficiently. I am not a procrastinator.

The call and initial consultation is free. Hourly Rates | $250 to $375.
Darya S. Druch, Attorney at Law
One Kaiser Plaza
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One Kaiser Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612

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