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"Horrible. Never spoke with an attorney before the court dates. He didn't know anything about me or my case. He also wasn't the original one who showed up for my first court date. These people are thieves and not good attorneys at all. Haven't spoken to them since a month ago at my court date when he told me I better find somebody to borrow money from and fast and then they call me today to threaten to not represent me anymore like it was really going to make a difference. The public defender has more skills than this office! Don't let them steal your money!"

  2 years ago     Brandi Williams

"Waste of money. I could have done better by reading a children's book, before the court."

  2 years ago     Anonosus Rex

"Basically you can be better without them. I am talking about an office in Sacramento. I was observing how they made a simple 1st DUI case with alcohol level 0.08 a problem. Somehow they (or they said it was DA's mistake but nobody really knows and they didn't correct it right away as any good lawyer supposed to) messed up the records and start to proceed it as if it was 3d DUI. Then they asked more money to straiten up things. It was suspicious that they didn't discuss case much with defendant while he several time told them it was his 1st DUI and in the letter with information about the court they note that defendant's attendance is not required. My worst suspicion that they did it all intentionally using the fact that defendants usually do not know the law and are under stress. Many times original charge is more sever than the final. It looks to me that most likely the lawyers from this office never even go to the court at all. They try to scare a defendant to pay more and get him what he would have without lawyer at all or actually maybe even worse. If my worst suspicions that they are intentionally misrepresent cases to make more money is right it is more than enough to disbar them but it would be hard to prove. Any way they definitely deserve a complain to Bar Association."

  4 years ago     ekaterina ponizovskaya

"I called for a simple consultation and I spoke with a gentleman named Robert he was rude, unkind and did not listen to anything I had to say. I have spoken to three other attorney's before and they all informed me that the action I was requesting was completely possible and Robert stated that it was impossible in a very belittling tone. Rude and unprofessional. Awful experience :( Thank God I didn't put my Husbands freedom in there hands."

  5 years ago     Melody Davis

  2 years ago     Catherine Fowler

Law Office of F. Wiete ter Haar
1903 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95811


1903 21st Street
Sacramento, CA 95811

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