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Julio Cesar Marrero

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Aug 15 2017
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Foreclosure, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Child Custody, Wills & Probate
Top Rated Miami Attorney at your service for over 30 years!

Julio C. Marrero, is an experienced Florida Attorney, licensed since 1988. He received his Juris Doctor degree with Cum laude distinction from the Uni... (more)

Michael Marcer

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Aug 29 2017
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Foreclosure, Divorce, Bankruptcy, Child Custody, Wills & ProbateConsumer Bankruptcy, Foreclosure, Commercial Bankruptcy, Credit & Debt, Reorganization
Bankruptcy Attorney and Lawyer for Legal Advice and Representation.

Michael Marcer is licensed as an Attorney and Counselor at Law serving clients in Dade, Broward, and Monroe County. Michael completed his undergradua... (more)

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"The legal process is very slow, I know this from working in law offices. Sometimes nothing happens for months. BUT, when it those, I highly recommend Julio Marrero for legal issues, you will receive nothing less than professionalism from him and his dedicated staff. This office worked to get my legal issues resolved in a timely manner. Am personally satisfy with the efficiency of his team. And what a beautiful office Marrero has. I recommend Julio to my family and friends. He is now officially, my attorney to run to for anything including when am ready to sell my house."

  9 months ago     Maria Kelly

"10 months ago I went to this Law Firm because I needed help with the process of bankruptcy. After consulting for 20 minutes with one of their employees, we filled out 2 sheets of paper with my basic income and expenses information. Then I was advised that until I gave them all the money they required for the case, they couldn't put me in the system to start my case because my paperwork would be outdated by the time I paid them in full. So I went back a few weeks later to bring them a $1000 check as a deposit for whenever I could bring the rest of their cost and the list of paperwork they required me to bring. For 9 months, nobody called me for anything, no follow ups, no calls, no emails, nothing. By this point two weeks ago I decided to stop the process that never started with them and get my money back. I had to go in person to speak to Christina and see if they would refund me the money which she told me to call in a few days for an answer. Days later I called again and they only accepted to refund me $800 of my deposit. Apparently, those two sheets of paper and the contract with my personal info took a very long time to be imputed in their computer and that's what it costs. nI don't recommend to go here unless you are certain you will finish the case with them. There is no "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" in these place."

  9 months ago     Paula Andrea

"It has been a great pleasure to meet these beautiful people in this office. We are lucky to find this great lawyer. The girls that work in this Firm are helpful, courteous and beautiful. I give them from 1 to 10, 100. 5 stars is not enough for them. They helped me and I am very grateful. I would recommend them to anyone who is going through a difficult time. Bertha and Cecilia Fux"

  1 year ago     Cecilia Fux

"Was referred by a friend who did there Probate case, hired them to represent me on a litigation case and happy to say after 8 months we won the case, this was due to the effort the paralegal and attorney put into my case. Now i hired them to represent my business in a contract dispute. Very happy. Like they say you pay what you get, so cheaper is not always better. Highly recommend"

  1 year ago     Daniel

"A very nice and professional legal firm. Helped me and my family with the probate. Very efficient and fast in making the right decisions. We are very satisfied with the services received from this firm and the attention and care in to solve all our issues. I greatly recommend it to anyone who needs a good lawyer. Thank you always."

  1 year ago     Rose

Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP
3850 Bird Rd
Miami, FL 33146


3850 Bird Rd
Miami, FL 33146

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