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Meissner Associates

Misdemeanor, White Collar Crime, Arbitration, Securities Regulation, Whistleblower Law firm

"I was involved in a promissory note dispute with Citizens Investments. Citizens had recruited me by telling me lies and misleading information. Right from the first day I was forced to sign and back date a document that said no promises were made. It said I was not promised a book of business or any location were promised. All which were lies. I tried to make things work there, but the lies and promises keep coming. Finally after 4 1/2 months I had to leave and find a different job. I tried to settle the promissory note with them. I offered to pay them back $150,000 out of $220,000. Just to get out of there. The person from Citizens said no they want it all back. She then threatened that she would have my licenses suspended from FINRA in 30 days and force me to pay. Again, all lies. I had give up a very good and growing practice at another bank to join Citizens. I had lost everything. I didn't know what to do. I called Stuart and told him the whole story. He told me this was a classic Bait and switch that many Financial companies do to financial advisors. I had nothing in writing. Just a back dated acknowledgment from that was backdated said I was not promised anything. He told me that they couldn't get my licenses suspended in 30 days and that they had to go arbitration. He advised me to file which I did. That was the beginning of a year and a half long battle with Citizens. The lies and things they did to try an break me were incredibly. Flooding us with useless e-mails and documents. With holding discovery. Being sanctioned by FINRA not once but twice. Stuart was a bull dog. He made sure to we got everything we needed. Plus he got sanction money from them both times which is unheard of. They then tried to hide key pieces of discovery redacting them by saying client attorney privilege when the e-mails were from 2 Citizens employees. They were the smoking guns we knew were there. Someone with the exact case I had. Once we got to arbitration Stuart just gave it them good. He turned their witness into our best witnesses. More lies, contradictions, story's etc... Stuart would not let them off the hook. In an unheard result I ended up getting award close to $1,700,000 dollars. With out Stuart I would be bankrupt, without a job and barred by FINRA. I can't thank him enough. If you need to fight a big financial institution YOU need to call him. Stuart help me emotionally through this also. It will be on of the most trying times and important times in your life. YOU need his help and vast knowledge of securities law. He knows them better then they do. I can't Thank him enough!!! He changed the fortunes of my life and my family's life!!!! Don't go it alone YOU will lose and be Bankrupt!!! Stuart should be your first call!!!"

  1 year ago     Frank Aiello

"Absolutely superb work from Stuart. When I was arrested I figured to keep my record clean I would need the best. So when I heard about Stuart I thought that I'd give him a try after I researched a bit about his track record.I have to say I am not disappointed, his mannerism exudes confidence and the way he spoke during court appearances gave me assurance that he had the confidence and know-how to resolve this issue. Also, his professionalism and efficiency is nothing to take for granted. While no attorney can tell you exactly what is going to happen , Stuart was willing to explain every step of the process to remove all ambiguity. Another important detail one should note about Stuart is that he doesn't sugar coat the truth. In fact, he is rather blunt about things. This is very beneficial in these types of matters in which you need to know your current legal standing so that you can take the most expedient route. In the end, Stuart managed to get all my charges dismissed and I have to say,and pardon my usage of layman's terms, but he did one hella job. Conclusion? I highly recommend him to anyone that needs first time offenses taken care of."

  3 years ago     Mason Chen

  1 year ago     Joseph Caputo

Meissner Associates
54 West 40th Street
New York, NY 10018


54 West 40th Street
New York, NY 10018

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