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Lance D. Simon

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Aug 08 2016
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Divorce & Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law

Simon Law Group specializes in resolving family, divorce, discrimination, and business issues and disputes throughout Long Island and New York City. ... (more)

Lance D. Simon

Divorce & Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law

"Always professional. Takes time with understanding clients needs and, always willing to give added attention to the client. Really appreciate their process and will gladly do further business with them"

  7 months ago     Advanced Networks

"I am very grateful with the team from Simon Law Group - For my two cases I went to visit more that 8 group of lawyers in the area (from cheap to very expensive- even non profit no one wanted to take my cases ) - and all said my cases were not possible that I should give up and go back - They were not listening and reviewing my evidence - Simon Law Group - Took the time to listen to me, to review my information. He asked to organize and put my case together (they show me how to provide the transcripts, documents, etc) My case they worked with around 9000 pages of evidence - reduce it and organize it - the spent months working, not just they put a lot of time and patience with my case and myself (I had very tough moments during the time frame this was being processed - the delayed of the EAD and expiration - They went the extra mile on those moments) - They were patience and very human - and After I paid the cost of the case and administrative handling - they did not charge me any extra for those long hours or going with me to the USCIS office or taking my phone calls or emails- of the extra mail on the top moments- They never left me one moment - Today I got the conclusion of the last case - I am very happy with the result (I am hyper happy) - and with a team of professionals with this human quality as well profesionalism - I highly recommend them - they are honest, knowledgeable, professionals, they listen and they fight for you! I am very grateful with them - Even if sounds a bit dramatic - but some tears comes out- God knows how long and deep this experience was- I really thank Sebastian for taking my case and his team of Simona Law Group - and really there are not enough words to thank you for all you did for me and you are the best lawyers ever! where there was not hope at all - they brought it up and not just that they always went the extra mile on everything! God Bless them all! Thank you!! Big Thank you for everything!"

  6 months ago     Juana Maria Gomez

"The firm help me to filed for adjustment of status i was granted 10 yrs ,me and my husband are so grateful to the crew ,all of them are nice and no case is too complicated for them ,they are the best"

  6 months ago     Temitope Ajayi

"Simon Law Group was exactly what I was looking for! They provided clear, concise and honest feedback regarding the subject at hand. No surprises! I also appreciate the informational videos on their Facebook page that covers current affairs. It's clear they are genuinely passionate about their work."

  8 months ago     Suzy Porter

"Do not believe every reviews read about law firms on the internet . Make sure someone you know personally tried them and gave an account of their capabilities. Do not be carried away by the office or location.Trust me, this is a very honest review. Your case will not get the attention it deserves!"

  8 months ago     Jibike Olushi

Simon Law Group, PLLC
120 Court Street
Riverhead, NY 11901


120 Court Street
Riverhead, NY 11901

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