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Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group

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Bari Z. Weinberger

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Divorce, Child Custody, Family Law, Child Support, Adoption
Trusted Authority on New Jersey Divorce & Family Law.

Bari Zell Weinberger was awarded a Juris Doctorate in 1997 from Suffolk University Law School, and has dedicated her practice exclusively to the fields of family and matrimonial law since her... (more)

When seeking New Jersey divorce lawyers or family law attorneys, it is crucial to find someone that not only understands the difficulties you are facing, but has a masterful command of New Jersey State Family Law. Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group has been recognized as a Top Family Law firm in New Jersey by various independent legal organizations including Martindale-Hubbell and AVVO.

Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Picture
Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Picture
Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Picture
Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Picture
Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group Picture
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"I was extremely mislead during the consultation. My case was divorce, child support and custody. I was told my retainer would be $3500 and that should cover everything. I never had the need for a lawyer before so I didn't know much about this. I was never told during the consultation that my lawyer was $325 per HR which lead to using up my retainer in 1 month. Even though I was told 3500 'should cover it'. He even said cases like this I would get $5000 retainer per issue, Adding up to $15000 but the lawyer said it would be easy especially since we had no assets. Now fast forword to a year later... I had to put 3 more retainers add up to 15000. And all I got was divorced that I could have done myself for $399 There was alot of paper errors and even called CPS 10 times to leave messages ($85 each ). We never made it to custody hearing because they wanted more money that I did not have. Expensive lesson learned"

  5 months ago     weed member

"This firm put my family in danger. They have no integrity and acted recklessly unethical while terminating me as a client two weeks before a court hearing that they failed to prepare for. I was left misinformed and a vicious set of lies were told to keep them from being held accountable at all. As a direct result, I was jailed and lost custody of my daughter. The whole reason they got a generous retainer was to protect my daughter from a harmful situation. She is now home after another firm did everything humanly possible to get her home safely, but the emotional damage she and I have suffered from that nightmare is permanent and she needs to be evaluated at a pediatric psychiatrist and psychologist to even begin her healing process of what she lived through. They also called opposing counsel and our judge for a conference call I new nothing of and could no speak on my own behalf. They figured I never would have found out about it. Gabrielle Nonnenberg-Reid, Melissa Hoffman and Bari Weinberger are all responsible for this awful occurrence and didn't give a single thought as to how their actions would effect my daughter."

  8 months ago     Lauren Vannozzi

"I know how it is to be lost, not knowing what your next move will be, searching for an attorney that will have your best interest at heart. Given my brief background, I got separated in February 28, 2010, retained a lawyer and filed for divorce March of 2010, got a Judgement of Bed & Board Divorce in April 2011 due to the court order of relinquishing marital property. In March of 2013, when all financial liabilities were satisfied, I met with my attorney at the time to convert my Bed & Board Divorce to Final Judgement of Divorce. The attorney gave me the runaround talking about 'What's the rush?' 'Are you planning on getting married soon?' which was very discouraging because this was someone I trusted. At that point I was lost, not knowing what my next move would be. I consulted with other law firms afterwards, but didn't feel assured that they could get the job done efficiently. I remained in marital limbo for the next 4 years. This year 2017, I decided to give it another shot in finalizing my divorce. In March, I stumbled upon Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group through google when searching for the best Attorneys in South Jersey. I chose the Mt. Laurel Office of Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group because it was close to home. I decided to get a free consultation from Attorney Marquis D Jones, ESQ., because of his credentials and he was highly recommended. I knew when I first met Attorney Marquis Jones that he was the one I wanted to retain. Attorney Marquis Jones is very professional, open and honest, giving it to you straight, no fluff or B.S. What impressed me most about Marquis was when I explained to him my situation and showed him documents of previous motions, he strategically showed me in various ways what he would do in getting my divorce finalized; I was sold. The overall staff at Weinberger Divorce and Family Law is very professional in dealing with their clients. Attorney Marquis Jones's paralegal Sharon Smith is very helpful, pleasant to talk to, responds back to your calls and also knowledgeable about your case. The amazing part about my experience in dealing with Marquis Jones ESQ. is my case was settled in two months time! Not saying that it would happen exactly the same way for everyone else, but with Marquis Jones ESQ. and the rest of the Weinberger Divorce & Family Law Group, they are all about getting results on your behalf, having your best interest at heart."

  6 months ago     James Downing JR

"Gabrielle Nonnenberg form this law firm did an exceptional job with my Child Support/Custody battle. She backs up all her arguments with a substantial amount of evidence. Please Do Not Underestimate her. She is a professional caring and compassionate lawyer that genuinely cares for all family members involed with the case. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone needing assistance."

  8 months ago     Christina Garrett


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