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Lisa Figueroa | Orlando Criminal Lawyer

Lisa Figueroa Lawyer

Lisa Michelle Figueroa


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Lisa Figueroa is the founding attorney of the Figueroa Law Firm. Mrs. Figueroa concentrates her practice in the area of litigation. Lisa is admitted to practice law before the state Bar of Florida as well as the United States District Court for the Middle District of Florida. She is a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as well as the American Bar Association. Lisa Figueroa has dedicated her life to fighting for the rights of others. This began on a smaller scale and has now escalated through being the voice for her clients. This process took shape during her studies at the University of Central Florida where she graduated cum laude and received a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science. Understanding the political framework in which we live and how to make changes where changes need to be made was the driving force in choosing that educational path. In obtaining that degree Mrs. Figueroa's studies incorporated several areas of legal studies including legal research and writing, Florida criminal law and procedure, Florida evidence, constitutional law, and judicial process and politics. Lisa received a Juris Doctorate from Florida State in 2003. Her preparation for her Juris Doctorate included extensive studies in the area of 4th Amendment protections and constitutional law in general. In addition, her focus not only extended to the areas of both state and federal criminal law, but also products liability, employment law, employment discrimination, and immigration law. While in law school, Lisa Figueroa was actively involved in several civil minded organizations, all promoting those ideals that fuel her desire to practice law. Lisa was Vice-Justice of Phi Alpha Delta, board member of the Public Interest Law Student Association, active member of the American Civil Liberties Union, and the Spanish American Law Student Association. During her time in law school, she received the honor of a Book Award for receiving the top grade in Law & Public Opinion. Lisa was also chosen to be a member of the Journal for Transnational Law and Policy After graduating from law school and upon passing the bar, Lisa was hired by the Ninth Circuit's Office of the Public Defender. Her experience there greatly exposed her to several facets of criminal law, both in and out of the courtroom. She obtained the highest number of trials during that time span among her starting class and had an exceptionally high level of success in those trials for her clients. In 2003, Lisa was awarded the Legal Eagle Award of County Court from the Public Defender's Office in appreciation for her outstanding achievement and dedicated service Lisa Figueroa is originally from Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, and is fluent in both Spanish and English. Lisa Figueroa has represented citizens accused in a range of criminal charges both at the County Court and Circuit Court levels, as well as domestic and family law. If you require legal advice and representation regarding Criminal Defense, DUI Defense, Traffic Violation, Divorce, Family Law, or Foreclosure Defense issues in Orlando, Florida and the Surrounding Central Florida areas, we urge you to seek the legal advice of an experienced Orlando Attorney and Lawyer. Member Questionnaire

Please describe a case(s) in the last year or two where you made a big difference.
Last year a month or two before Christmas, I was hired by a single mom who was accused of trafficking in oxycodone in an amount that subjected her to a 25 minimum mandatory sentence. She had a public defender up until a few weeks before her trial date and she hired me to handle her case because the state refused to make any offer that didn't involve prison time. The pills that were found were in the back seat of a vehicle that she was driving when she was pulled over, and alone in the car. The state refused to offer her anything other than prison time and so I represented her at trial and successfully argued that the pills were not hers, nor did she know they were there. She was found not guilty.

How did you build a successful practice?
I believe word of mouth has been my biggest advertisement based on past success and the level of care I give to my cases and clients. We pride ourselves on the fact that we truly believe in our clients and work very hard to get them the best possible result, regardless of the charge.

What should clients look for in a lawyer?
They should look for someone that cares about them, and not just their money. That they enjoy the work they do and are not afraid of going to trial. And most of all, one that is honest. One that can give them realistic expectations based on their experience and doesn't use scare tactics just to charge a high fee for very little work.

How important is local knowledge to the success of your cases?
It can be very important in many occasions. However, I have had much success even in other jurisdictions, so I think the attorney's overall qualities and competence is more important than the region.

What information can you provide in a free phone consultation?
We can give a general idea of what defenses may be available, what possible outcomes would be, explain how the process typically goes as well as what the costs would be for our representation.

What information do you need in a free phone consultation?
We basically just need to know what the charges are (if known), what county, person's name and any basic information about the facts of the case, if a police report or citation is not available.

What differentiates you from other lawyers in your community?
I believe the level of compassion and determination to defend each client to the best of our ability, our track record, and trial experience.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
Helping reunite families by keeping their loved ones out of jail or prison and achieving outcomes in cases that protects a person's record and reputation from being tarnished.

What are your other interests in addition to law?
I am a wife and mother of 4 children, which includes a set of twins. I love to play sports, primarily soccer and softball.

Are you involved in your community?
Do several speaking engagements at local schools and churches to educate people about their rights, the law, and to encourage young people to avoid finding themselves in the system if at all possible, how to move forward regardless of past mistakes and how to follow their dreams.

Position Organization Location Duration
Attorney Figueroa Mitchell PA Orlando, FL Present
School Degree Major Graduation
Florida State University College of Law JD Law School 2003
University of Central Florida Bachelor of Arts Political Science 2000
State / Court Date
Florida 2003
  • National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Member
    American Bar Association, Member
    National Association of Professional Women, Member
    Central Florida Women Lawyers Association, Member
    Public Interest Law Student Association, Board Member
    American Civil Liberties Union, Member
    Spanish American Law Student Association, Member
  • Awarded the Legal Eagle Award of County Court from the Public Defender's Office
  • State v. I.R., charge attempted murder and grand theft. Jury trial, verdict Not Guilty.
    State v. L.O., charge sexual battery, Jury trial verdict: Not guilty. Just a few examples.
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(2003) Licensed as Attorney in Florida. Verified with State Bar of Florida. August 24, 2014

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Language:English, Spanish


5626 Curry Ford Road
Suite 140
Orlando, FL 32822

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  • Ms. Figueroa proudly represents clients in Orlando, Kissimmee, Orange County and central Florida.


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