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Merritt Green | McLean Employment Lawyer

Merritt Green Lawyer

Merritt Green

Merritt Green and the General Counsel, P.C. legal team have the experience and dedication to help.

Employment, Business, Business Organization, Employment Contracts, Employment Discrimination

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Merritt Green and the General Counsel, P.C. team of attorneys have the experience, knowledge and passion to help you with your legal needs.  

Here are some client reviews from  Review of Merritt Green legal services

**  Excellence! -- If you are looking for a Lawyer that is exceptionally competent and candid then Merrit Green is your counsel. He pursues your case based on facts and in my case that resulted in a very significant settlement and preservation of a 31 year career. He knows his business and personifies confidence and skill.

**Superb legal services.
Mr. Green offers a blend of legal based advice tempered with common sense. Too often those two criteria do not mix well but Mr. Green pulls it off beautifully. During a recent contentious legal process Mr. Green kept is on the straight and narrow with his legal advice but was able to empathize with our business concerns and steadily advised us to an ultimate win via the courts. I highly recommend Mr. Green's services and, although I can't say that I look forward to using his services in the future, should the need arise I will do so without hesitation.

**Turn Key Solutions for Small Business
Our company has been partnered with GC for over 4 years. During that time, they have been able to provide sound legal advice in a surprisingly broad spectrum of legal areas including government contracts, HR, and commercial real estate. Timely, reliable insights are par for course. I recommend GC for small businesses that would appreciate the flexibility of a well-rounded legal counsel.

** Would recommend for any labor - wage disputes.
Merritt was responsive and informative throughout my settlement. He easily explained my rights and planned a concise settlement for me. Merritt was always available for my questions either by phone or e-mail. We settled for an anticipated sum within several weeks. I would highly recommend Merritt J. Green with legal assistance concerning any labor wage disputes you may encounter.

**Merritt Green gets an A+ for integrity and quality of service
I have worked with Merritt and other attorneys at General Counsel since 2006. General Counsel has provided a wide variety of legal services in both sector within which I have worked; for-profit and non-profit. I would describe the work completed as exceptional, the ongoing support as superior and the relationship with both of my employers as a true partnership. General Counsel worked on employment law issues, immigration and visa challenges, contract and lease advisement, trademark projects and served as general counsel for 5 of the last 8 years. The team at General Counsel is the only firm I use.

**Superb attorney -- Mr Green not only handled my case very effectively, he was also a Pilar of support throughout the whole thing. I could feel that he truly cared about me and what I was going through at that time. Indeed a rare trait to find nowadays. I highly recommend him.

**  The Best -- Merritt was the only help I had during a traumatic and devastating circumstance. He is not only smart, and good at what he does, but he has the ability to be considerate of others. Very kind, very professional, and exceptionally intelligent. The most honest and genuine lawyer I have ever seen, and I've seen many. If you are looking for someone who can help you, Merritt is the lawyer for you.

Position Organization Location Duration
Founder/Managing Partner/Chair of Employment Law General Counsel, P.C. N/A 2004 – Present
Associate Venable, LLP N/A 2002 - 2004
Associate Institutional Labor Advisors N/A 1997 - 2002
School Degree Major Graduation
Syracuse University College of Law JD Law School 1997
Syracuse University College of Law JD N/A 1997
Middlebury College Bachelor of Arts History/American Literature 1992
University of Oxford Law and Medieval History N/A 1991
State / Court Date
Colorado 1997
  • Member, Virginia State Bar Association
    Member, District of Columbia State Bar Association
    Member, Colorado State Bar Association
    Member, Maryland State Bar Association
    Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce, Chairman, 2011 - 2013
    Community Business Partnership, Board of Directors, 2009 - 2013
    McLean Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors, 2008 - Present
    Washington Executive Association, Founder/Former President/Member, 2007 - Present
    Associate, American Bar Association, Labor and Employment Law Section Associate Editor, The Developing Labor Law, 2001 - Present
    Eagle Scout Business Networking, 2012 to Present
  • Outstanding Eagle Scout, 2015
    Chairman of the Board, Greater Mclean Chamber of Commerce
    Founder/President, Washington Executives Association
    Chairman's Award, Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce, 2013
    Legal Elite, Washington Smart CEO Magazine, 2009
    Outstanding Member of the Year, Greater McLean Chamber of Commerce, 2009
    Justinian Honorary Law Society, Syracuse University College of Law, 1997
    Scholastic Excellence - Constitutional Law, Syracuse University College of Law, 1997
    Scholastic Excellence - Property Law, Syracuse University College of Law, 1997
    Editor in Chief, The Labor Lawyer, 1997
    Associate Editor, Syracuse Law Review, 1997
    College of Law Scholar, Syracuse University College of Law, 1997
  • FLSA Case - Failure to Pay Wages
    Practice Area:  Employment & Labor
    Date:  2014
    Outcome:  Successful settlement

    EEO Charge of Discrimination
    Practice Area: Employment & Labor
    Date: July 08, 2013
    Outcome: Charges dismissed
    Description: Employee filed EEO Charge. Through my arguments representing the employer, the charge was dismissed.

    Advice regarding Non-Competition Agreement
    Practice Area: Employment & Labor
    Date: January 01, 2014
    Outcome: Allowed employee to proceed with career within boundaries of non-competition agreement.
    Description: Employee had signed non-competition agreement and wanted advice on perimeters of what he could (and could not) do.

  • Employment Counselor; Bid Protest Weekly; Government Contracts Counselor; Intellectual Property Counselor; Corporate Counselor
Sun. Mon. Tue. Wed. Thu. Fri. Sat.
Closed 8:30 am
5:00 pm
8:30 am
5:00 pm
8:30 am
5:00 pm
8:30 am
5:00 pm
8:30 am
5:00 pm

Merritt Green has been a Premium Member since June 15, 2015.
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Verified Credentials Date Verified
(2004) Licensed as Attorney in District of Columbia. Verified with District of Columbia Bar. June 15, 2015
(2004) Licensed as Attorney in Maryland. Verified with Maryland State Bar Association. June 15, 2015
(1997) Licensed as Attorney in Colorado. Verified with Colorado Bar Association. June 15, 2015
(2003) Licensed as Attorney in Virginia. Verified with Virginia State Bar. June 15, 2015

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Is Your Business Missing Out on Small Business Set Asides?(2015-07-17 07:13:18)
Have you seen small business set asides that are in your company’s skill set, but the size standard is too small for your company to compete? Or, alternatively, a set aside with a size standard so large that you will be contending with businesses with far greater resources?

8(a) Contractors Risk Losing Status if the Annual Review Is Ignored(2015-07-17 07:15:01)
Being successfully certified by SBA as an 8(a) Business Development company can be an arduous and paper-intensive task.

Properly Investigating and Responding to Employee Complaints of Harassment or Discrimination(2015-07-17 07:16:15)
No employer wants to hear that an employee is alleging that he or she is the subject of harassment or discrimination. But, when it happens (and it likely will sometime), how an employer handles the situation can make the difference between resolving the matter and potential litigation.

Why Employers (and Employees) Need to Pay Attention to the Fair Labor Standards Act(2015-07-17 07:17:28)
Recently, General Counsel, P.C. is getting more (and more) calls regarding alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”). And, more often than not, the employer is in violation of the FLSA and subject to potential liability (to one or more employees).

Defamation in the Workplace(2015-07-17 07:18:39)
There is a growing need for employers to monitor what and how they communicate in the workplace. What seems to the employer as a fair constructive criticism can potentially open a legal claim against the business. This is especially true as related to reviews and terminations.

Primer on Severance Agreements(2017-05-13 11:35:58)
The purpose of a separation/severance agreement is to minimize risk from employment termination, to compensate an employee for employment loss, and, contractually, to finalize the employment relationship. It is an important tool for employers.

Does Your Company’s Severance Agreement Discriminate Against Employees?(2017-05-13 11:40:27)
Severance agreements are valuable tool to obtain general release, but obtaining protection for employer must be balanced with employee rights.

Is Your Non-Compete Agreement Enforceable(2017-05-13 11:42:13)
If your company’s non-compete agreement was not specifically tailored for business/employment relationship, it may be unenforceable.

Court Determines Gov’t Contractor’s Non-Compete Unenforceable(2017-05-13 11:44:08)
In litigation between two competing government contractors, Fourth Circuit affirmed district court’s summary judgment against plaintiff. Former Employee and her new employer did NOT violate non-compete agreement because, in part, non-compete was overly-broad and, as such, unenforceable.

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6849 Old Dominion Drive
Suite 220
McLean, VA 22101

Other Locations:
  • Mr. Green proudly represents his clients in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. and represent government contracting clients nationwide.

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