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People v sanchez

In ruling in People v Sanchez the Court held that an expert cannot relate case-specific hearsay to explain the basis for his or her opinion unless the facts are independently proven or fall within a hearsay exception.

Senate bill 1437

Senate Bill 1437 is constitutional. Senate Bill 1437 amended the natural and probable consequences doctrine for murder and the felony-murder rule “to ensure that murder liability is not imposed on a person who is not the actual killer, did not act with the intent to kill, or was not a major participant in the underlying felony who acted with reckless indifference to human life.

Gang prior conviction and impermissible “judicial factfinding”

The Court reinforced the rules that there are limits to the extent of judicial fact finding, even during court trial proceedings on the application of prior convictions

Should gun owners be fingerprinted?

The head of the Illinois State Police is calling on legislators to take action requiring gun holders to provide a set of fingerprints upon renewal of their Firearms Owner Identity Cards.

Lack of convictions spurs search for pot test

Low numbers of arrests for driving high are perplexing the Illinois State Police.

Challenging field sobriety testing in colorado

There are many ways that a Colorado DUI attorney can challenge the results of field sobriety testing.

What to expect from a colorado dmv hearing after being charged with dui

This is a summary of what to expect from the DMV if you have been charged with a DUI.

Colorado dui - "but i wasn't driving"

A defendant need not be driving to be charged with DUI in Colorado. However, there are many factors to defend against the actual physical control element of DUI.

Colorado dui and your right to remain silent

Most DUI arrests in Colorado do not require a Miranda advisement. Regardless of this, you may and should still exercise your right to remain silent.