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Sample DC Health Care Cases

... Id. In the interim, however, appellant presented a health care proxy, duly executed under New York law well before Ms. Orshansky's hospitalization, which granted to appellant the power to make health decisions on her aunt's behalf. Id. ...

... Riverside Hospital ("Riverside") challenges a decision by the District of Columbia Department of Health ("the Department") which had the effect of ... coverage disputes; (2) that Riverside has the authority to argue on behalf of those Medicaid recipients who received care that was ...

... Cf. Hill v. Medlantic Health Care Group, 933 A.2d 314, 334 (DC2007) ("civil conspiracy is not an independent tort but only a means for establishing vicarious liability for an underlying tort") (citation and internal quotation marks omitted). C. Other Pre-Trial Rulings. ...

... Hosp. v. DC Dep't of Employment Servs., 711 A.2d 105, 107 (DC1998) (referring to purpose of statutory provision for utilization review as "contain[ment of] medical costs without diminishing the quality of health care. Hence, a ...

... the Amended Notice." The Board also found Mr. Brownlee liable on the second charge, imposed a $5,000 fine for each charge, or a total $10,000 fine, and ordered Mr. Brownlee to take Board-approved courses in "Ethics" and "Standards of Care in Health Care Management." [3 ...

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