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Lawyer.com can help you easily and quickly find District of Columbia Immigration Lawyers and District of Columbia Immigration Law Firms. Find Immigration attorneys by major city or select a city from the list of all District of Columbia cities. Alternatively you can search for Immigration attorneys for all District of Columbia cities or search by county. You may also also find it useful to refine your search by specific Immigration practice areas such as Deportation and Visa matters.

Facing Immigration Issues

If you have an issue with a green card or visa, you may need to find an immigration lawyer to assist you. The application process for citizenship is always changing, and only an experienced immigration lawyer will thoroughly understand the process. Filling out the paperwork is just the first step; an immigration lawyer can walk you through the process.

Sample DC Immigration Cases

... Francis Tarzol Dogba, a citizen of Liberia, West Africa who had been given Temporary Protected Status by the Immigration and Naturalization Service after his arrival in the United States in late January 2001, retained Mr. Cole on March 11, 2002, in 1265 connection with his ...

... because the trial court violated the mandatory strictures of DCCode § 16-713 (1981), which requires that before accepting a plea of guilty or nolo condendere, the court must advise the defendant that the conviction may have consequences affecting his or her immigration status. ...

... The Board concluded that substantial evidence supported the Committee's findings that respondent lied to HR when he represented to her that he had filed all of the necessary immigration applications, when in fact he had not. ...

... [1] An alien, Bautista contends that the trial court failed to comply with DCCode § 16-713 (2001), which requires the court, before accepting a plea of guilt, to "administer [an] advisement on the record to the defendant" that his conviction could affect 155 his immigration status if ...

... The Board on Professional Responsibility ("Board"), accepting the findings of Hearing Committee Twelve, concluded that respondent violated DC Rules of Professional Conduct 1.3(c) and 1.4(a) when he failed to notify his client of a pending immigration hearing, failed to attend ...

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