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13 A.3d 1202 (2011). AHMAD v. BRANCH BANKING & TRUST CO. No. 10-CV-403. District of Columbia Court of Appeals. February 23, 2011. DECISION WITHOUT PUBLISHED OPINION. Affirmed.

... The settlement was approved by the Joint Committee on Taxation on December 17, 2007, and was executed on December 27, 2007. On June 22, 2009, appellants filed the instant lawsuit. ... [4] Presumably, the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation. ...

... 38, 733 NE2d 713, 714-15 (2000) (noting that estate planning recommendation was that mother make inter vivos gifts to her daughter to "minimize death taxes on her estate when she passed away and to maximize the value of assets that [the daughter] would receive upon [the ...

... In return, Mr. Stroup testified that, based on his personal experience as the partner of an intellectual property law firm, the demand for qualified attorneys with experience similar to Ms. Prisco's exceeded the available pool of such applicants. ...

... Although the applicable provision of the Traffic Act that incorporates the DUI statute has been in place since the 1920s, this appeal presents an issue of first impression. We conclude that the DUI statute applies to bicycles and affirm the trial court's judgment. I. Statement of Facts. ...

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