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Navigating financial independence after a st. louis divorce: a guide to rebuilding

Understanding how to achieve financial independence post-divorce is crucial because it empowers you to rebuild your life with confidence and security, especially when navigating the complexities of alimony laws.

Gps evidence stricken: a victory for the fourth amendment

GPS units are not only handy devices that are, for many, becoming indispensable on the roads, but the technology is increasingly being utilized by law enforcement officials to track suspects, gather evidence, and ultimately build cases against criminal defendants.

For remorseless drunk driver, stiff sentence was neither disproportionate nor inappropriate

In a criminal law matter, the Sentence Review Division of the Superior Court assessed whether a defendant’s sentence following a DUI-related trial was proper.

Connecticut divorce checklist

Getting a divorce, for many people, is the most challenging life event they have experienced. Not only does divorce tend to be both financially and emotionally taxing, the legalities of getting a divorce can be overwhelming. Divorce can leave you feeling as though almost all aspects of your life are uncertain. In the face of such uncertainties, it is especially important to know what questions to ask your divorce attorney. We compiled a list of topics for you to consider when contemplating divorce.

The intersection of divorce and domestic violence in the era of covid-19

Now, more than ever, Connecticut Courts are seeing an increasing number of cases that involve both civil and criminal law. 

Prenuptial agreements in connecticut

Prenuptial agreements, also known as antenuptial or premarital agreements, are recognized in Connecticut, though they are not required to fit within a rigidly defined structure to be enforceable.  In fact, it is likely by design that Connecticut has opted to allow the construction of such agreements to be governed by contract law so as not to limit their applicability.  Such agreements are not just for the rich and famous, they can be powerful asset protection tools for anyone.

What you need to know about divorce automatic court orders in connecticut

In Connecticut, upon filings for dissolution of marriage, dissolution of civil union, custody, and visitation, annulment, or legal separation, automatic court orders are put into place that essentially put a freeze on taking certain actions during the pendency of the case. These orders essentially act as restraining orders and are binding on the plaintiff at the time the complaint is signed, and on the defendant when served. Both parties must comply with these orders or risk facing contempt.

Should i file my family law case in connecticut or new york?

Should I File my Family Law Case in Connecticut or New York?

Can i receive alimony in connecticut? if so, how much alimony will i receive?

Can I Receive Alimony in Connecticut? If So, How Much Alimony Will I Receive?