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What's a father to do when a custody battle looms during massachusetts divorce?

What you can't do when a custody battle is brewing, is "nothing". Recognize that divorce changes the roles for everyone and that you need to get familiar with your children's schedules, activities, and schools.

What happens if i don't pay child support in massachusetts?

In Massachusetts, both parents have a duty to support their child. Typically, however, only the noncustodial parent makes child support payments.

Is co-parenting in massachusetts with a narcissistic ex-spouse possible?

Co-parenting with a narcissistic ex-spouse can bring many challenges. Learn the eight ways to deal with a narcissistic ex when there are children involved.

Fort lauderdale and fort pierce complex divorce attorney

Fort Lauderdale and Fort Pierce Complex Divorce Attorney

Fort lauderdale and fort pierce complex divorce attorney

Fort Lauderdale and Fort Pierce Complex Divorce Attorney

Florida child support modifications most likely to be expedited if filed through private law firm

Florida Child Support Modifications Most Likely to Be Expedited if Filed Through Private Law Firm

Is your spouse hiding assets? 4 reasons to mediate

You think your spouse is hiding assets and you want to hire a pit bull attorney. Here’s 4 reasons why mediation is still better.

Children’s grief during divorce

As family mediators, we see parents so enmeshed in the throes of conflict, they don’t recognize that their children are grieving let alone help them through the process. Knowing more about grieving myths and children’s grieving process will help us better support our clients as they process their own feelings and help their children grieve.

Mediation reduces impact of high conflict on young children

Divorce mediation helps parents minimize their conflict and restructure their connection to form a new parenting relationship even before the completion of the divorce. Litigation often focuses on why one parent is ineffective and inferior prompting more anger and more conflict.