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Arbitration Legal Articles

Legal articles on, Written by legal experts, are a great resource for learning more about Arbitration. Find more legal articles

2015 trial advocacy workshop

Discussion on Florida Bar Family Law Section Trial Workshop

Alternate dispute resolution

Alternate Dispute Resolution

Significant verdict for defrauded homeowners

Hispanic homeowners were tricked into signing away their home as party of a White Collar Crime Scheme in Los Angeles County. Skillful representation by Thaler Law resulted in a $157,622 judgment in their favor.

Joining a class-action lawsuit

Joining a Class-Action Lawsuit

What to expect in litigation

While every case is different, all lawsuits - whether they involve car accidents, divorce, contract disputes, commercial claims, or any other claim - follow a similar set of rules. This article helps explain what to expect if you are involved in a lawsuit.

Can you record a phone call in maryland to use in court?

Many people would like to record a telephone conversation to use in court. This comes up frequently in divorce and child custody cases, but also in other litigation contexts. It can be dangerous to do in Maryland.