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Bankruptcy attorney in miami fl

Should I File for Bankruptcy?

Jackman v. account specialists

State law (since statehood) required husband to be responsible for medical bills of wife. Court of appeals found the statute to be unconstitutional. As a result, the next legislative secession, the law was changed to make both spouses responsible for the medical debts or necessities of the other spouse.

University hospitals v. annesley

Appeal concerned funds exempt or not in a Bankruptcy action. Suit had been filed against husband and wife for medical bills incurred by wife. The end result was the law set out when and how much certain funds paid by an annuity or other periodic payments would be exempt from creditors reach.

Small business account receivables

Considerations in collecting receivables.

Chapter 12 bankruptcy basics

Chapter 12 bankruptcy is utilized by farmers and fisherman

Court judgment granted against me: why would the creditor back down now?

All is not lost simply because the judgment was granted, especially if you had a valid excuse for not filing a response. There is a chance that you were never served documents alerting you to the existence of the lawsuit.

College tuition continues to grow and young borrowers are forced to take out large student loans

Defaulting on a student loan almost always entails negative consequences, especially for young borrowers. In some cases, they may be forced to hold off on getting married, having kids, or starting businesses.

Debt collection agencies: good at calling, poor at providing account histories

Debt collectors are obligated to validate the debt with information about who is owed and how much. This is basic information that they should be able to produce; if they cannot, you may not hear from them again.

Chapter 12 - special bankruptcy protection for fisherman and farmers

Family Farmers and Fisherman have special provisions in Bankruptcy that allow them to modify loan and farms and equipment, far more generous than other Bankruptcy options.