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Billie Jo (BJ) Taylor


CP 151 

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General Practice

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B.J. has worked in the legal field for 18 years prior to becoming an attorney. Her legal experience has ranged from working with attorneys who specialize in family law, juvenile dependency, commercial litigation and personal injury.

Born and raised in California, B.J. first moved to the Northeast Florida area 16 years ago when her husband Lee was stationed at the Naval Air Station in Jacksonville. She began work in the legal field in her home state as a legal secretary and eventually gained enough experience and knowledge, along with a paralegal certificate, to provide services as a paralegal. She continued in that capacity until she started law school in 2005.

B.J. graduated, with honors, from the University of North Florida with a Bachelors of Arts in both Political Science and Sociology. After graduation from UNF, B.J. continued her education locally at Florida Coastal School of Law.

B.J. is active in the Jacksonville Women's Lawyer Association, the Florida Justice Association and the American Bar Association.

B.J. was born in Tustin, California, is married, and has four children.

Service Type:Private


2223 Oak Street
Jacksonville, FL 32204


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