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Criminal law is established by statute and exists to punish people who violate laws. Punishments vary with the severity of the offense, and range from a simple fine (such as a speeding ticket) to imprisonment or death. Criminal law is a state law, and each state has its own criminal code. Criminal law forbids a person to be punished based on status (for instance, it is possible an individual cannot be punished for being homeless).

If you have been convicted of a crime, have a warrant out for your arrest, or a charge has been filed, you may need to hire a criminal defense lawyer. An experienced criminal attorney or law firm may be able to help you with a plea bargain, reduce your fine, or possibly assist in avoiding jail time. Whether your case is a DUI-DWI, Felony, or Misdemeanor, you should consult with a criminal lawyer to assist you with the process. Some criminal lawyers offer free consultations.

If you have been accused or charged with an offense, please browse the directory to connect with a criminal attorney near you.

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"ban the box" law prohibits criminal history requests on employment applications

Some Vermont employers and employees still unclear on effect of Vermont "Ban the Box" statute, which generally prohibits employers from asking about criminal history on the initial employment application.

Did you know?… a conviction for dui could make it illegal for you to drink

Did you know?… A conviction for DUI could make it illegal for you to drink

Tn legislature considering bill to allow alcohol sales 7 days a week

TN Legislature Considering Bill to Allow Alcohol Sales 7 Days a Week

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A look into the future with self-driving cars…

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Cinco De Mayo, Kentucky Derby, Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival – Be Careful Knoxville, Law Enforcement Will Be Watching for DUI and Public Intoxication

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Know your rights: what to do and say when dealing with the police

The right to remain silent originates in the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution, which says, “No person…shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…”

College crimes homecoming can lead to criminal charges

Although Homecoming offers a fun opportunity for alumni to gather at their former college, homecoming can also lead to criminal charges and college crime charges for unsuspecting students.

Ntsb warns about rise in drug-impaired driving

The National Transportation Safety Board has called for police officers in Pennsylvania and around the country to be provided with a standardized roadside test to determine whether or not motorists are driving under the influence of drugs.