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[new] "what happens when a contractor or supplier does not receive payment on a construction project?

If a contractor or supplier doesn’t get paid on a construction project, they can file a Mechanic’s Lien on the property to secure payment. This creates a security interest in the property for the unpaid amount due.

Las vegas real estate attorneys - lighting restrictions in las vegas

When people envision Las Vegas, the iconic brightly lit Strip is often the foremost image that comes to mind.

[news] noise restrictions in las vegas

Las Vegas Noise Restrictions

Las vegas noise restrictions

Many cities implement limitations on the amount of noise people can make in the city. The reason behind enforcing such limitations are both evident and a necessity to uphold civility and desirability in the area.

"water rights in las vegas" by las vegas real estate attorneys

Las Vegas’s water rights laws serve the people of Las Vegas by managing the state’s water resources in a fair and equitable manner.

[video] mechanic's lien in california law provides collection tool for contractors

Mechanics' liens exist to protect two general categories of workers or suppliers, prime contractors and subcontractors.

Las vegas' adverse possession law

Adverse possession is the legal concept that if the owner of the land isn’t using it, and someone else is giving the land a useful purpose for long enough, the law favors the useful purpose over the land being left unused.

[video] "timeshare restrictions in huntington beach, california" by newport beach real estate attorneys

Due to the high traffic, noise, lowering property value, and other issues arising from the temporary nature of timeshares, cities often enact ordinances regulating the development and use of Timeshares within city limits.