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David Bruegel | Mason Divorce Lawyer | Michigan

David Bruegel Lawyer

David R. Bruegel

Divorce, Estate Planning, Wills & Probate, Real Estate, Criminal

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I have joined in sharing offices and integrating practices with the highly respected John and Bill Noud, creating a resource for Mason area clients of attorneys with around a combined 100 years in law practice. We can assist persons in legal concerns of nearly any stripe or find solutions for them by referral, should an issue be particularly specialized in nature. We aim to continue a legacy of great caring and empathy for our clients, attention to keeping legal fees as low as possible and efficiently address any and all matters. I am honored to find a place among these excellent counsel, a team of brothers who have been a credit to lawyering and the professional pursuit of decency. WATCH MY VIDEO BY USING THE FOLLOWING LINK Member Questionnaire

Please describe a case(s) in the last year or two where you made a big difference.
Almost every case, we make a difference. Reason is: listening. One can not arrive at a destination/objective without knowing in advance what the objective in fact is. Strategy is paramount. We do not plod. We find stream-lined, efficient means of achieving objectives. Often that involves coming to terms with an opponent, but stating clearly to them what you understand to be THEIR objective. Putting the two together can produce surprising, and quick resolutions. It is the way we approach every case, every transaction.

How did you build a successful practice?
I have been at law for over 37 years. In each position, it has been a leading opportunity around persons with great experience and intelligence. Eventually it sticks. Not ready, shoot, aim here. We do the homework. Study the situation and the persons involved, in marketing, the approaches that express the need and lack in the market. Who could have said it better than Dale Carnegie in the 1920s: if you want someone to listen to you, you talk about them. I always want to know what the other side wants and what the other side NEEDS. Knowing that, can solve any puzzle, even quickly.

What should clients look for in a lawyer?
Lawyers can be drap. Sloggy. Sleepy. Lack peripheral vison. It have been at a highly regarded 350-lawyer firm for 25-years as an additional graduate school. I was a Wall Street Journal writer and a few other things (see bio). I am hard at this; I view myself as Rumpole of the Bailey. I want to be a lawyer. That is all I want to be. I have ducked becoming a judge, or worse, a political leader. I am into service, not judging. (What did the new Pope say? Who am I to judge?) I am in exactly the correct, perfect spot and my clients see that; they know I love this stuff. I am after the results and the professional and personal satisfaction I received being summa cum laude, of Phi Beta Kappa or a Rhodes Scholarship nominee. It is my life, what I do.

How important is local knowledge to the success of your cases?
My grandfather was the first medical doctor in East Lansing. I had people come up to me as a child and tell me how he helped at their house taking care of whatever all night long. My father repeated the process in business and local politics. I am trying very hard to be the same. I do house calls, hospitals, hospices and jails, when necessary. I went to Notre Dame. When you go there, the idea is that you are supposed to come out good and be good.

What information can you provide in a free phone consultation?
I return every call, every email. I can’t take very case. But I do listen, ask questions, and suggest an approach. Take a look at the 80 “five star” reviews online for me. Many of these people were just asking questions. They got more help from me than from any lawyer that charged them and represented them prior thereto. I just try my best. It is what I can do and endeavor to do. Never perfect. Never exactly, exactly perfect, but sincere and damn close, particularly for a fee of zero.

What differentiates you from other lawyers in your community?
I take what I do very seriously, but not without humor, I trust. The object here is to provide top-notch legal assistance blended into the real-life living situations and problems confronting any given person. In many ways it often is a “Sherlock Holmes” mystery to discover how to proceed, and I believe both I and my client track down that path appreciatively.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
I am rewarded by the privilege of being a lawyer; to me it is an honor. Nothing to be slighted or taken for granted or believed to be a greater accomplishment than it is. My wife works with neurosurgeons at the University of Michigan main hospital. Now there is talent. I just help as I can. Sometimes it really matters.

Are you involved in your community?
I am a member of Rotary International, which spends time and money all over the world. Nearer to home, I am a sponsor and advocate of Ele’s Place for Children, the charmed, angelic locations in Michigan that see to it that children for very young to adolescent, receive support upon the death of parents and siblings.

Position Organization Location Duration
Lawyer David R. Bruegel PC Mason, MI 2013-Present
School Degree Major Graduation
Notre Dame Law School J.D. Law School 1978
Albion College A.B. summa cum laude History 1975
State / Court Date
Michigan 1978
  • State Bar Association of Michigan, Committees, 1978 - 2014
    Catholic Lawyers Guild, Membership Committee, 2013 - Present
    Cranbrook Writers Guild, Board Member, 1990 - 1999
    State Bar Association of Michigan, Grievance Committee, 1980 - 1988
    State Bar Association of Michigan, Representative Assembly, 1984 - 1988
    Michigan Chapter, Air and Waste Management Association, Chairman, 1996 - 1998
    American Bar Association, Vice Chairman, Environmental Committee, 1997 - 1999
    Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Ann Arbor, Premium Partner, 2001 - Present
    German Speakers, Ann Arbor, Foreign Language Speaker, 2012 - Present
    Parents of Children with Mental Illnesses, Counsel and Advisor to Families, 2014 - Present
    Mason Chamber of Commerce, Business Member, 2014 - Present
    Ingham County Bar Association, Member, 2014 - Present
    Greater Lansing Estate Planning Council, Member, 2014 - Present
    Gaelic League of Detroit, Member, 2014 - Present
    Google Business, Premium Member, 2014 - Present
    Rotary of Mason, 2014 - Present
    Ingham County Fair, 4-H Auction, 2014 - Present
    St Casimir Lansing        , Law Sponsor, 2014 - Present
    Dansville Elementary, Sponsor, 2014 - Present
    St Cornelius-Cyprian Stockbridge, Law Sponsor, 2014 - Present
    Holt Lion's Club, Annual Golf Outing Sponsor, 2014 - Present
    Birmingham Art Association, Painter, 1980 - Present
    Ingham County Bar Association, Probate & Trust Section, 2014 - Present
  • AV Rated Preeminent 5.0-5.0, Martindate-Hubbell, 2014 - Present
    Masters Section, State Bar Association of Michigan, 2013 - Present
    Lawyer of the year, International Barristers, 1978 - Present
    Notre Dame Lawyer, Writing published, 1977 - Present
    State of Michigan Balfour Award, Sigma Chi Fraternity, 1975 - Present
    Nomination in State, Rhodes Scholarship, 1975 - Present
    Governmental Achievement, National Academy of Achievement, 1972 - Present
    President of Boys' Nation, Washington, D.C., American Legion, 1970 - Present
    Member, Phi Beta Kappa, 1975 - Present
  • Farm taxes - Savings in taxes due now and in subsequent years
    Client Guardianships - These proceedings provide a family the necessary legal authority to care for the incapcitated loved one.
    Being a Trustee - Clean and complete conclusion to last wishes of the Grantor(s).

  • Laws Affecting Clients, Law Firm Reports, 2014
    Estate Taxation, Client Newsletters, 2009
    Succession Planning and Law Developments        , Crotty & Smyth Bulletins, 2002
    Environmental Law        , Banking Group Advising, Dickinson Wright, 1998
    Environmental Law Developments, Institute of Continuing Legal Education, Ann Arbor, 1995
    Staff Reporter, The Wall Street Journal - Chicago, 1974
    The Notre Dame Lawyer, Law Review Article, 1976
    Albion Pleiad, Editor of College Newspaper, 1975
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Verified Credentials Date Verified
(1978) Licensed as Attorney in Michigan. Verified with State Bar of Michigan. June 19, 2015

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Service Type:Private

Language:English, German

Update Date:2014-03-11


155 W Maple St
Po Box 316
Mason, MI 48854

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