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David Fine | Framingham Business Lawyer | Massachusetts

David Fine Lawyer

David Jonathan Fine

Business, Estate, Employment, Accident & Injury, Litigation, Partnerships, Civil Rights, Constitutional Law, Products Liability, Trusts, Antitrust, Travel Law, Securities

  • Status: In Good Standing
  • Licensed: 41 years
  • Profile LAWPOINTS57/100
  • No Misconduct Found
  • Reviews Pro Bono Cases

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With over 30 years of litigation experience, David is committed to providing the highest level of legal representation to his clients. David’s practice areas include: business litigation; litigation regarding estates and trusts; employment; professional malpractice; personal injury; products liability; securities; banking; partnership; copyright; intellectual property.

What should clients look for in a lawyer?
Clients should look for a lawyer who will work with their client to understand the client’s objectives and to achieve these objectives with imagination, vigor and commitment.

What information can you provide in a free phone consultation?
In a phone consultation I can provide my clients with information about the financial terms on which I would undertake representation. I provide the client with information about my initial take on their case and the kinds of things my client and I would need to do in order to get a better understanding of the matter.

What information do you need in a free phone consultation?
The kind of information I would look for in a phone consultation is information sufficient for me to understand the nature of the problem and the clients’ objectives. I would also look for information about the financial terms on which the client is seeking representation, and information sufficient for me to determine whether I have any disabling conflict of interest.

What differentiates you from other lawyers in your community?
My qualifications and experience differentiate me from other lawyers in the community. I am committed to pursue clients’ objectives with passion, creativity, and commitment.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your job?
The most rewarding aspect of my job is using my work and ability to achieve great results for my client.

Position Organization Location Duration
Lawyer Rubin, Hay & Gould P.C. Massachusetts Present
School Degree Major Graduation
Yale University B.A. N/A N/A
State / Court Date
Massachusetts 1977
New York 1974
  • Member of The Massachusetts State Bar Association.
  • In re CC&F Fox Hill Assocs. Ltd. Pshp., 1997 Del.Ch.LEXIS 89 (1997)
    Saladini v. Righellis, 426 Mass. 231 (1997)
    West v. Muller, 31 Fed. Appx. 1 (1st Cir. 2002)
    Rubin v. Brooks/Cole Publishing Co., 836 F.Supp. 909 (D.Mass. 1993)
    Lanigan v. Maloney, 853 F.2d 40 (1st Cir. 1988)
    Bushkin v. Raytheon, 815 F.2d 142 (1987)
    United States for use and benefit of Myers/Ernst v. George Hyman Construction Co., 1987 U.S.Dist.LEXIS 15339 (D.Mass. June 19, 1987)
    Payton v. Abbott Labs, 386 Mass. 540 (1982)
    Commonwealth v. Harrington, 379 Mass. 446 (1980)

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8:00 am
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David Fine has been a Premium Member since June 16, 2014.
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Verified Credentials Date Verified
(1997) Licensed as Attorney in Massachusetts. Verified with Massachusetts Bar Association. June 16, 2014
(1974) Licensed as Attorney in New York. Verified with New York Bar Association. June 16, 2014

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Professional Liability Insurance: Yes NY Registration Number: 1485895 Net Registration Date: 06/14/2013 Appellate Division Department of Admission: 2

Fee:Please contact our office for fee's and rates.

Service Type:Private


205 Newbury Street
P.O. Box 786
Framingham, MA 01701

Other Locations:
  • Mr. Fine proudly serves the greater Framingham, Massachusetts area.


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