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Alan S. Fanger Attorney At Law

Mediation, Wills & Probate, Commercial Real Estate, Estate,

  • Firm Year: 1989

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Alan S. Fanger

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Mediation, Wills & Probate, Commercial Real Estate, Estate

For more than 25 years Massachusetts attorney Alan Fanger has served Boston area clients in a wide variety of matters. He frequently represents trust... (more)

For more than 25 years Massachusetts attorney Alan Fanger has served Boston area clients in a wide variety of matters.  He frequently represents trust beneficiaries, persons who have been disinherited from wills or excluded from trusts, and heirs or beneficiaries who claim that an executor or trustee abused their powers.  He is also a successful professional malpractice attorney and veteran real estate dispute litigator.

Alan has written and lectured about these issues to bar association groups, he writes a blog about probate litigation, and has written several articles regarding litigation matters involving professional malpractice, probate, and real estate disputes.   He also serves as an arbitrator in disputes involving unrepresented parties, most notably in probate and condominium matters.

"Alan recently settled my case with a former employer out of court in a very short amount of time. He is extremely well educated, patient, and direct. He did whatever he could to make it as smooth and painless as possible for me at any cost. He was available any day any time to answer my questions and address any concerns. Even at the end of my case, he showed such care and genuine concern about the outcome not only as my lawyer but more as a friend. I would highly recommend Alan Fanger to anyone looking for an amazing lawyer who will honestly help you through whatever you may need assistance with. Thanks again Alan!"

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"I If you are looking for a maven on litigation , then this is the lawyer for you. With years of experience, he is an expert in this field and you are sure to win your case. I had the good fortune to have Attorney Fanger represent me and a group of my condominium neighbors in a class action lawsuit over sewerage backup. The backup was horrible. He calmed us down from day one. He kept on assuring us that the city was responsible, even though they did not feel any liability, Our condos were condemned and with no place to live, I had to stay in a hotel for 7 months, I had to pay for this out of my own money. Through the entire ordeal, he helped us to be calm and not give up. He worked very hard in our defense to show the pain and suffering that we were feeling. No one should ever be displaced from their home and have to pack up all their belongings that were not covered with raw sewerage. The outcome after many professional engineering witnesses was that they were indeed responsible. I cannot praise him enough for his determination and loyalty to us through many months of hard work. The end result was worth it."

5 star yelp rating   0000-00-00 00:00:00     Barbara G.

Alan S. Fanger Attorney At Law
275 Grove Street
Newton, MA 02466


275 Grove Street
Newton, MA 02466

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