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Alexandra S. Kazarian

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Jun 08 2018
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Criminal, Accident & Injury

As an Attorney for the Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office, Kazarian handled hundreds of serious criminal cases each month, dealing with issue... (more)

As a top criminal defense attorney, Alexandra has handled thousands of criminal cases, and conducted hundreds of preliminary hearings.  She has taken over 35 cases to jury verdict, defending clients against misdemeanor and felonies, including charges of murder, attempted murder, robbery, burglary, fraud, embezzlement, sex offenses, domestic violence, drug possession/sales, DUI, and more.

"Alexandra gets a BIG THUMBS UP!!! She is a remarkable attorney in many ways. When talking to her, it doesn't feel like you're talking to a lawyer, but to a friend. She listens carefully with a genuine, sympathetic ear because she really cares about her clients. What I appreciated the most is her thorough knowledge of the law, coupled with her experience, because she was able to give me a clear picture about the process and what I could expect regarding my case. In short, she put my mind at ease very quickly because she is an exceptional attorney with great communication skills and smarts. If you are feeling anxiety and want to hire an advocate who will fight for you, getting you the best outcome possible, do not hesitate to go with Alexandra! It will be the best decision you've ever made. I couldn't be happier with my choice!"

  8 months ago     Dallas Wimer

"Lets start off by saying that the WHOLE experience with Alexandra has been nothing but a nightmare. When you first meet her she pretends like she cares and she is all about helping you but here we are a year later now and nothing has changed. My mother and I first linked up with her last January to hire a good attorney for my brothers case. We went to her because she was local she answered all of our questions and was there for us in the beginning. Now here we are a year later and out $5,000 and she has not done a damn thing. Very frustrating!! We went back to court she typed up an order that I probably could of done better on and the judge denied the request (which we knew he was) she went on to say how now she has to do extra work to try to get us back in court and til this day we have not heard a word from her. She has drug my mother through circles letting her know that she will have it done in a week and then nothing then a month goes by and she will have it done that week and now she doesn't even respond to my mother at all. She has rob her of her money and did nothing to help. Now we have to spend more money to hire another attorney that will actually do something for my brother and his case. Do your research before hiring an attorney because not only are they expensive they will act like they care when they really don't they are just out for the money than helping you. We will never refer anyone to Alexandra and we will also be filing a complaint with the board as well."

  10 months ago     NICOLE WALLACE

"Alexandra is an awesome attorney who has helped multiple members of my family. She is always there for us to explain the charges and the steps we need to go through to get through each situation. If you can afford an attorney, I would recommend Alexandra in a heartbeat."

  10 months ago     A Ananian

"I hired Alexandra after one of the worst nights of my entire life. I had been drinking, and got into an argument with my girlfriend that turned into a full blown fight. We ended up annoying the neighbors so much that they called the police on us. By the time they came, we had both been screaming and crying and the house was a complete mess. To the officers, it looked much worse than it actually was, so they decided to arrest me for a felony domestic violence case. I was terrified, especially because I had never been to jail before. I was able to bail out, and thank god my cousin told me about Alexandra because she jumped on the case right away, called the officers, and the DA and was able to get the case dismissed after a few court appearances. I still get so stressed out after thinking about everything that we went through, but I'm so glad Alexandra was by my side during everything that happened."

  10 months ago     Cheejik Peejik

"Alexandra is the most knowledgable, straightforward and passionate attorney I've met. I constantly refer to her whenever I have a question about the law. I've referred her to numerous friends who've found themselves in not-so-ideal situations and she over-delivered. Hire her, you won't regret it for a second."

  1 year ago     Lana Tumasian

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Alexandra Kazarian Law Firm
15851 Whittier Blvd
Whittier, CA 90603


15851 Whittier Blvd
Whittier, CA 90603

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  • Serving Whittier California and the surrounding areas.

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