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Ashley Ameika

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Jun 13 2017
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Accident & Injury, Criminal, Divorce & Family Law, Estate

Ashley Ameika, Esq. received her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Notre Dame where she was consistently on Dean's List and graduated cum laude... (more)

If you have been injured, we are here to help.  Our attorneys take the time to listen, counsel, and evaluate your potential claim. We  have represented thousands of clients in car wrecks, slip and fall cases, and workers'  compensation matters. Find out how our services can help you get on the path to healing.  

An additional area of practice and experience is our Construction Litigation Department which includes the representation of homeowners who have experienced building defects in their homes including cracked slabs, improperly applied siding/brick/stucco, defective plumbing and HVAC.

We also represent clients in the following areas:
Child custody
Child support
Visitation rights
Paternity determinations
Termination of parental rights
Name changes
Criminal defense, and
Criminal domestic violence.

Additional areas of practice include DUI defense, drug cases, and military law including Courts-Martial, Article 15 UCMJ, and Administrative Discharge Hearings. We promise clear, open communication and legal representation based on integrity and honesty.

Criminal Defense

We charge hourly rates. Please call today to further discuss our fee structure.
    Ameika Law, LLC
    2170 Ashley Phosphate Road
    Charleston, SC 29406


    2170 Ashley Phosphate Road
    Charleston, SC 29406

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    • Proudly serving Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas.

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