Attorney Christian A. Straile, LLC


Attorney Christian A. Straile, LLC

Traffic, DUI-DWI, Domestic Violence & Neglect, Misdemeanor, Felony

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Christian A. Straile

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Accident & Injury, Criminal, Divorce & Family Law, Traffic, DUI-DWI
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Auto accidents

Attorney Christian A. Straile, LLC

Traffic, DUI-DWI, Criminal, Domestic Violence & Neglect, Car Accident Law firm Featured 


"Highly recommend using Mr. Straile, he won my case for me. He is very knowledgeable and does everything he can for his clients. He uses the facts and listens to you, he is easy to talk to as well. I truly am grateful to him, for all he did for me to win my case."

  10 months ago     Rainspirit

"If you reading nothing more than these two lines, I hope you find them of most use. DO NOT PAY THIS MAN UPFRONT. HE WILL NOT COME THROUGH WHEN IT MATTERS. On July 29th, 2016 I hired Christian Straile to act as an advisor in a university conduct hearing. I paid the retainer in full for future work on this case. Mr. Straile, initially very eager about the case, soon became unresponsive to all email correspondences. As a result of Christian Straile unresponsiveness, I was required to attend a hearing (for which I anticipated Mr. Straile's to act as an advisor) without any representation. Following the hearing, I sent another email to Mr. Straile indicating that there were several questions I had to answer before a ruling could be made. I forwarded Christian Straile these question and I still did not receive a response. Christian Straile did not represent/advise me during the hearing and made no effort to respond to my inquires leading up to or after the hearing. I finally received an email from Mr. Straile on September 19th, 2016 simply asking "What is the status of this?" I responded in detail and have not received any further communication from Christian Straile. Christian Straile's failure to respond to multiple communications and failure to appear are inexcusable. I hired him to assist me with the university conduct hearing. His failure to communicate, and ultimately his inability to be present at the hearing, guaranteed that I did not have adequate representation at the hearing. Putting aside the fact that all I wanted was for a fair and equitable hearing, Christian Straile ensured the opposite by not responding to my emails and bailing on me when it came time for the hearing. This guy will communicate very well with you UNTIL you retain his services. After he has secured payment he will blow you off. Because Mr. Straile has not followed through in conformance with ethical, contractual and professional obligations, I have sought relief through a Visa merchant dispute for services not rendered. Next Step: Filing a formal complaint to the state bar association. It deeply saddens me to have to write such a negative review about someone who helped me with a traffic ticket, but could not be bothered to help me in a matter I paid significantly more for."

  2 years ago     Christopher C

"wow was what they said. Im from Wisconsin ticket in florida no points or school Thanks"

  1 year ago     Dennis Graf

"With the current office assistant, I would not recommend this office to anyone. It was a complete waste of $99. I wanted to show Straile why the ticket was extortion. No contact from the office about when the hearing would be. So I am stuck with the fine. Many times on phone conversations with the office I was promised this action or that action and none were ever fulfilled. I just talked to the bossman, he has addressed the above issues. I am changing the stars to a much higher rating."

  2 years ago     Bruce Welty

"Mr. Straile is one of the best attorneys I've had the pleasure of dealing with. The amount of care and attention given to my case by Mr. Straile was astounding and I was extremely impressed with the level of communication with Mr. Straile and his office. If the need ever arises again, I will call Mr. Straile's office and know I'll be taken care of."

  4 years ago     Pythonic

Attorney Christian A. Straile, LLC
1031 NW 6th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601


1031 NW 6th Street
Gainesville, FL 32601

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