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Anthony Mathew Stites

Litigation, Entertainment, Employee Rights, Misdemeanor

Benjamin Daniel Ice

Lawsuit & Dispute, Business, Accident & Injury

Cathleen Marie Shrader

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Federal Appellate Practice

David Randall Steiner

Real Estate, Industry Specialties, Environmental Law, Business

Emily Sue Szaferski

Juvenile Law, Divorce & Family Law

George Norman Bewley

Tax, Estate Planning, Gift Taxation, Estate Administration

Henry Peter Najdeski

Real Estate, Business

Howard Joseph Cohen

Lawsuit & Dispute, Industry Specialties, Health Care, Employment

Howard L. Chapman

Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Business

James Koday

Business & Trade, Mediation, International Tax, Trusts

James Joseph O'Connor

Mediation, Litigation, Workers' Compensation, Insurance

Jeffrey Martin Woenker

Tax, International, Business

Jerod Alan Adler

Lawsuit & Dispute

Jerod Alan Adler

Lawsuit & Dispute

John Peter Martin

International, Business

John Merritt Clifton

General Practice

John Christopher Barce

International, Intellectual Property, Estate, Business

Joshua Cade Neal

Real Estate, Business

Kevin Kelly Fitzharris

Lawsuit & Dispute, Employment

Mark Herman Bains

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute

Michael H. Michmerhuizen

Other, Federal Appellate Practice, Business

Nathan Thomas Horton

Employee Rights, Cogeneration, Pension & Benefits, Employment

Patrick Guyon Murphy

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Government, Business

Patrick George Michaels

Real Estate, Business

Philip Aaron Wagler

Commercial Real Estate, Wills, Estate Planning, Business

Rachel Katherine Steinhofer

Lawsuit & Dispute, Employment, Business

Renee L. Riecke

Real Estate, Estate, Business

Richard Edwin Fox

Municipal, Employee Rights, Insurance, Banking & Finance

Robert Samuel Walters

Other, Business

Robert T. Keen

Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Civil & Human Rights, Accident & Injury

Ronald J. Ehinger

Copyright, Business, Real Estate, Consumer Bankruptcy

Samuel J. Talarico

Real Estate, Industry Specialties, Business

Stephen Landon Chapman

Real Estate, Trusts, Business

Thomas Porter Yoder

Lawsuit & Dispute, Bankruptcy & Debt

Thomas Murray Kimbrough

Health Care, Employment, Business

Thomas Michael Fink

General Practice

Thomas Maurice Niezer

Real Estate

Thomas A. Herr

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Intellectual Property

William Arlington Ramsey

Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Divorce, Collection, Accident & Injury

Arnold Terrill Anzini, P.C.

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Barrett McNagny LLP

Fort Wayne, IN 46801


Fort Wayne, IN 46801

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