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Bruce E. Turner

Wills & Probate, Divorce, Corporate, Bankruptcy

Jay Allen LaJone

Construction, Energy, Corporate, Banking & Finance

Linda J. Braga

Banking & Finance, Wills & Probate, Corporate, Land Use & Zoning

Mark E. Bennett

International, Corporate, Franchising, Antitrust

Matthew Laurence Weston

Wills, Corporate, Contract, Antitrust


Shila King

Adoption, Affirmative Action, Alimony & Spousal Support, Americans with Disabilities Act

Bridgett Beatrice Goolsby Zoltowski

Commercial Real Estate, Litigation, Science, Technology & Internet, Banking & Finance

Charles Imlay Appler

Conveyancing, Commercial Real Estate, Arbitration, Collection

Glenn A. Portman

Commercial Real Estate, Transactions, Corporate, Bankruptcy

J. Michael Weston

Securities, Corporate, Banking & Finance, Antitrust

John Michael Frick

Workers' Compensation, Insurance, Credit & Debt, Personal Injury

John Frederick Redwine

Litigation, State Appellate Practice, Estate, Business & Trade

Mary Ann Beaty

Divorce & Family Law, Estate, Mediation

Taylor Victoria Wilson

Science, Technology & Internet, Employee Rights, Business & Trade, Oil & Gas

Collection, Construction, Contract, Credit & Debt, Eminent Domain, Franchising, Government Contract, Land Use & Zoning, Landlord-Tenant, Litigation, Merger & Acquisition, Real Estate, Securities, Tax

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Bennett Weston Lajone & Turner PC
1603 LBJ Freeway,Suite 280
Dallas, TX 75234


1603 LBJ Freeway,Suite 280
Dallas, TX 75234

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according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), these methods are illegal and you can sue the agencies for harassment and receive remunerations up to $1000 along with attorney fees and court costs.
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New EOIR Administrative Law Judge Carol A. Bell
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Your Place in Fighting Institutional Racism
fighting systemic racism is challenging, but lawyers are in a unique position to help.
USCIS to Eliminate 30-day Timeframe for Processing Asylum EADs
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Are you being harassed by DCM services?
dCM services are often known to use methods and tactics that violate the Fair Debt Collection Policies Act. You have all the right to hire debt collector harassment lawyers and stop collection calls from DCM services.
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under the Modified Comparative Fault System, each party is held responsible for damages in proportion to their own percentage of fault pro-rata, unless the plaintiff's negligence reaches 51%.
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