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Jon Charles Boesen

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on Jul 12 2014
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Accident & Injury, Car Accident, Wrongful Death, Aviation Accident, Workers' Compensation

Jon C. Boesen is the founder of Boesen Law, LLC. Mr. Boesen has 26 years of experience and practices in civil litigation, where he has represented tho... (more)

Edwin Taylor Grauke

Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Litigation, Personal Injury

"If you need legal work, these folks will have your back! And the views from the penthouse are amazing!nThanks Jon Boesen,, Scott, Arlie, Monica and Carmen!"

  3 months ago     brent hazen

"My attorney at Boesen Law has been nothing short of extraordinary, thus far, in our professional experience. What sets him apart: how well he anticipates the impacts of my private/personal circumstances upon my cases. This encourages deeper transparency and suggests direction and advice otherwise unforthcoming in most legal and professional relationships."

  6 months ago     Eric A

"From the very beginning, my experience with my representation at Boesen Law was very professional, and I've been impressed by their compassion through to the very end of the process. I'm very grateful, and would highly recommend them to any of my friends, family and colleagues."

  6 months ago     Roberto Santos

"Boesen Law has been a rock when it comes to assuring I am fairly treated by both the person responsible for my injuries and the insurance companies. The process from beginning to end was clear with no surprises. Steve Berlant is one of the most exceptional people I have met, and was there for me throughout every aspect of my case. I asked for help 10 years ago, and the result was the same. I recommend Boesen Law, and trusted them to handle not one, but two injury cases for me. I am very happy they are there with their honesty and integrity. I hope I never have to use Boesen Law again, but in the event I need them, I wont hesitate."

  9 months ago     Ken Paton

"Boesen Law represented us after my wife and kids were hit head on by a vehicle that lost control crossed lanes into our vehicle. We were referred from a friend to Boesen Law and are thankful that we found them. Not only did the represent us, but showed true caring for their client in helping us find one of the top neurosurgeon for my wife's disc replacement (neck) and lower back fusion after months of PT failed. Jon Boesen and his staff were friendly and honest throughout the process. Our attorney Steve did an excellent job handling our case and was always straight forward. Thank you Jon, Steve and all the staff at Boesen Law."

  1 year ago     Ozzy

Boesen Law, LLC
4100 E. Mississippi Ave.
Denver, CO 80246


4100 E. Mississippi Ave.
Denver, CO 80246

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