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Christopher L Thompson

VERIFIED Credentials and Bar Status verified by on May 08 2017
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Accident & Injury, DUI-DWI, Criminal, Health Care

Christopher Thompson is a practicing attorney in the state of Washington. He graduated from Belmont University College of Law with his J.D. Prior to s... (more)

Our firm is dedicated to helping our clients when they are in a time of significant need. Dealing with a DUI is a scary time for individuals. A DUI arrest can have lasting career and financial implications. Our time in the Court Room has armed us with the skills, knowledge, and ability to fully represent our Clients.

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"My relationship with Christopher Thompson / CLT Associates was ongoing for over 2 years, we went through many proceedings together and there were facts that only him and I were familiar with. I was involved in a major head on collision in rural Issaquah I was on a motor cycle. On a blind curve on Cedar Grove Rd. a lady in an SUV drifted into my lane of travel on Easter Sunday 2015 I tried to avoid her by going around her witch meant I would have to use her lane but at the last second she went back to her lane. Needles to say it was a head on collision Motorcycle V. SUV, I was severely injured and whisked to Harbor View ICU. Recovery was long and hard. All evidence showed we made contact in the SUV lane and i will be the first to admit this but the investigators MAR Major Accident Response team only had part of the facts because in actuality it would look like it was my fault especially if the driver of the SUV was not truthful. There was clear evidence that could be argued on my behalf and I was adamant that I would only settle for a jury trial. Almost 3 years to the day my trial was to start but 1 month prior to trial Christopher Thompson abandoned me said he had an job offer from some other firm and could not continue with my case and he was able to convince the trial judge that all was fine with dropping out of my case without my approval. Anything Christopher needed like money to cover investigators, expert witnesses, public information access in addition to his fees i was there for him never late and paid in full always to the sum of over $35,000.00 3 years after the wreck and just weeks before my trial Christopher Thompson QUIT on me and there was no way to get a new lawyer up to speed on my case so I plead guilty for being responsible for the accident. What ever life I had after my wreck Christopher sucked from me by bleeding all my money and abandoning me just days before the trial. Christopher is also an accident lawyer and I knew this but would he inform me that there is a statue of limitations of 3 years to file a claim on the SUV driver for any accident claims, He would keep that to himself too. As to date 3 months after my trial Christopher has not sent me a refund as promised, he does not answer my emails or phone calls. Do I worry that he will sue me for slander not at all for I speak the truth and I can back it up. Fair warning steer clear of Christopher Thompson of Kirkland - Bellevue WA. Christopher you like this review? I have just started."

  8 months ago     Kurt Schlick

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CLT & Associates
10416 129th Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA 98033


10416 129th Avenue NE
Kirkland, WA 98033

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