Cousins Desrosiers and Morizio, PC


Cousins Desrosiers and Morizio, PC

Workers' Compensation, Employment, Social Security -- Disability, Personal Injury, Criminal

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Albert E. Desrosiers

Litigation, Workers' Compensation, Employment, Personal Injury

Albert E. Desrosiers practicing in:Workers' CompensationPersonal InjuryNeck, Back and Spinal Cord InjuriesTraumatic & Catastrophic InjuriesMotor V... (more)

Lawrence Francis Morizio

Workers' Compensation, Employment, Social Security -- Disability, Accident & Injury, Motor Vehicle

Bates Law Firm

Immigration Featured 


Belinkie Law Office, LLC

Divorce & Family Law, Elder Law, Estate, Juvenile Law Featured 


Gans and Gans

Divorce & Family Law, Child Custody, Guardianships & Conservatorships, Child Support, Alimony & Spousal Support Featured 


Drapp & Jaumann, LLC

Criminal, Divorce & Family Law, Accident & Injury, Estate, Real Estate Featured 


Bakes Law, LLC

Divorce & Family Law, Business, Estate Featured 


Vishno Law Firm

Accident & Injury, Personal Injury, Car Accident, Real Estate, Foreclosure Featured 


Law Offices of Emily S. Lucibello, LLC

Divorce & Family Law, Divorce, Custody & Visitation, Child Custody, Criminal Featured 


Gans & Gans Family Law Attorneys

Divorce & Family Law Featured 


Attorney Daniel Green

Employment, Child Custody, Real Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute, Patent Featured 


The Law Office of Russell Gary Small, P.C.

Bankruptcy, Divorce, Personal Injury, Commercial Real Estate Featured 


David J Fabrizi Attorney at Law/CPA LLC

Tax, Real Estate, Estate, Business, Bankruptcy & Debt Featured 


Law Offices of Paul L. Brozdowski

Divorce, Family Law, Personal Injury, Collaborative Law Featured 

CONTACT Featured 


Zanella Boath & Associates LLC

Animal Bite, Criminal, Bed Bug, Defamation & Slander, Medical Malpractice

Adelman Hirsch & Newman LLP

Social Security -- Disability, Class Action, Medical Malpractice, Pharmaceutical Product, Professional Malpractice

Cousins Desrosiers and Morizio, PC
2563 Main Street
Stratford, CT 06615


2563 Main Street
Stratford, CT 06615

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Eleventh Circuit Holds That Manufacturers/Distributors That Do Not Market Or Advertise Through Predominantly Hispanic Media Outlets Have No Duty To Warn In Spanish
eleventh Circuit Holds That Manufacturers/Distributors That Do Not Market Or Advertise Through Predominantly Hispanic Media Outlets Have No Duty To Warn In Spanish
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researched law review article written by GEOFFREY C. HAZARD, JR.; JOHN L. GEDID; STEPHEN SOWLE.
injured construction worker New York State Labor Law claims require a thorough knowledge of the statutes, the Industrial Code Rules, and the precedent caselaw interpreting these statutes.
Should I request a preliminary hearing?
contrary to popular belief it is better to fight your case.
DUI with Breath Test
don't Assume That all Procedures Were Followed During The Breath Test
Can my DUI case be won?
many assume their case can not be won. This is the number one mistake most people with DUI make.
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contrary to popular belief, there is much a person can do to defend themselves in a DUI conviction. First and foremost, they must educate themselves through research. There is endless literature out there which one can use to learn about DUI rights, laws, and penalties. In addition, it is always a good idea to hire an attorney who specializes in the field. Having the vast knowledge of a trained professional on your side can be the difference between having a case dismissed and being convicted.
Dividing a 401(k) in Divorce
a 401(k) is a common asset that has to be divided in a divorce. In many cases, the 401(k) is one of the more valuable assets. Individuals often work their whole career trying to build up their 401(k) balance so that they can retire. However, in a divorce, the 401(k) often ends up divided as part of the property division process.
Many Custody Cases Being Complicated by Schools Not Reopening
august is always a tough month for parties going through divorce or custody disputes. In many cases, parties have trouble agreeing on where the children will go to school. Even further, these custody cases are being complicated by schools not reopening due to COVID-19.