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John C. Peterson


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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Attorney, John C. Peterson of DG&G is devoted to advocating for injured workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. While he is experienced in multiple areas, he has... (more)


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Inaccurate Stories and Poor Responses -- The AP's Take on the DHS National Guard Proposal
On February 17, 2017, the Associated Press (AP) misrepresented a draft DHS memorandum that it had obtained on immigration enforcement. In this article, I examine the AP's shoddy reporting and the President's questionable response.
Workplace Rights v. Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Blog post on the topic of Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress in the workplace.
Social Worker Sues Nonprofit for Emotional Distress
Blog post on a case of a social worker suing his former employer.
SEC and NELI Increase Reach for Whistleblower Laws
Blog post on increased reach for whistle-blower laws.
Employee Terminated at 58 Sues Foundation For Age Discrimination
Blog post on a case of age discrimination.
Age Discrimination & Employment Waiver: What You Need to Know
Blog post on the topic of age discrimination in employment.
Former Professor Sues Connecticut State University for Denied Tenure
Blog post on a case involving a claim of age discrimination against a former professor at a Connecticut state university.
Connecticut State Employee Sues For Racial Discrimination
Blog post on a state employee suing on the basis of racial discrimination.
Employee Claims Harassment Complaints Ended in Termination
Blog post on wrongful termination case involving harassment and discrimination.
Agency Disputes Arbitration Decision in Favor of Disabled Employee
Blog post on a case of a worker who was discriminated against because of a physical disability.
Connecticut Supreme Court Expands "Disability" Under CFEPA
Blog post on the expanded definition of what constitutes a disability under the Connecticut Fair Employment Practices Act.
Federal Courts Expand Discrimination Policy For Pregnant Workers
Blog post on federal courts increasing protections for pregnant women against employment discrimination.
Employment Class Action Waivers Forecast Big Legal Issues Ahead
Blog post on the topic of mandatory arbitration clauses in employment contracts.
Fed Expresses Interest In Connecticut Governor's Campaign Funding
Blog post on possible investigation in Governor Malloy's campaign financing.
Connecticut Dentist To Pay $717,046 in Medicare Fraud Penalties
Blog post on a Connecticut dentist found liable for over $700,000 for defrauding the state Medicaid program.
Rising Medical Costs Push for Malpractice Reform
Blog post on the topic of reforming medical malpractice to help lower health care costs.
Applying Medical Malpractice to Internet Healthcare: What to Know
Blog post on the topic of medical malpractice in the age of the internet.
Court Holds Connecticut Nursing Home Liable in Wrongful Death Claim
Blog post about a case against a nursing home for wrongful death and medical malpractice.
New Connecticut Law Bans Physician Non-Compete Restrictions
Blog post on a new law in Connecticut that prevents employment contracts from restricting a medical doctor's right to practice immediately after his or her employment has ended with that employer.
DUI, "Moral Turpitude" Crimes, May Result In Deportation for Noncitizen Clients
Blog post on the immigration consequences of crimes like DUI for non-citizens .