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Delfino Green & Green

Delfino Green & Green

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John C. Peterson

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Workers' Compensation

Workers' Compensation Attorney, John C. Peterson of DG&G is devoted to advocating for injured workers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. While he is experienced in multiple areas, he... (more)

"Bill Green has represented me twice for ERISA disability insurance claims. The first time, the insurance provider tried to deny my LTD claim immediately, and after 18 months of litigation this went to summary judgement and was ruled in my favour. A few years later, the same claim was denied with little in the way of explanation. Litigation is not a pleasant experience, but I couldn't have felt more like Bill and his staff were on my side and looking out for my best interests, providing expertise and guidance through both situations. I have no hesitation in recommending Delfino Green & Green to anyone needing legal assistance for ERISA disability insurance."

  10 months ago     Mark Fagan

"My husband and I were deep in making life and death decisions for our daughter when we quickly realized we needed to begin handling the legal aspect as well. At that point, my mind was so medically consumed; I truly couldn't fathom the finding of an attorney. Life has a way of pushing you through though, so we interviewed a few prominent attorneys. A family member referred Mr. Green, and his firm to us. We met with him last and he was, by far, the best. Mr. Green carries himself with a demeanor that immediately put us at ease. We were discussing some of the most difficult and sensitive subjects we've ever had to in our entire lives. It takes a certain kind of person to make another comfortable enough to open up, and talk about such weighty issues. Mr. Green is that such person. He is one of the most genuine people I have ever met. Not only was he kind and compassionate though, he was also able to easily handle every question on our laundry list with ease and detail. We didn't find this with the others we had interviewed prior. After meeting with Mr. Green, we were confident. He was more than capable, and we were making the absolute best decision for our daughter. Our biggest fear with the legal process was that we would have to constantly divert our attention away from our daughter's extreme medical needs and deal with phone calls, documents, problems, etc. Mr. Green and his team did an excellent job with our case. They handled every aspect seamlessly! This allowed us to put our focus where it should be...and that was with our daughter. Mr. Green and his firm not only did a stellar job in handling the day-to-day intricacies, but the financial result he achieved was tremendous. I have remained in contact with Mr. Green and his firm. They have been extremely helpful in guiding us through any and all, issues that have come up since the resolution of our case. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in referring others to Mr. Green and this firm. And if ever I am in need again, I will be using them as well."

  5 years ago     Jen Hodder

"Mr. Green and the rest of his team at Delfino Green & Green represented me in a serious personal injury case. Mr. Green took over my case from another law firm that was not doing a good job and didn't seem to believe in my case. Mr. Green took my case on, handled all of the important parts of the case himself - like my deposition and my mediation - and was able to get me an excellent result that was far above what I would ever have expected. He and his supporting staff were always available, attentive to my needs, sympathetic and, most of all, very knowledgeable and reassuring about a legal process that I didn't like or understand. It was obvious to me from the time I first met with Mr. Green that he was well-spoken, very experienced, and had a very well thought out strategy for how to maximize the recovery in my case - both financially, physically, and emotionally. He and his staff always seemed to have my best interest at heart. I would highly recommend Mr. Green and his firm to anyone who is dealing with a serious injury case."

  5 years ago     Traci Kawa

"John Peterson is amazing. He has been assisting me with my workers comp case for the past year and he has been absolutely amazing. We fired two attorney's before we reached John and we were so skeptical. We had Johnathan Brand originally, and we never even met the guy. He had me working directly with his Paralegal who didn't know anything. They forgot things all the time and didn't call back, email back, nothing. Then we had Elder and Berg, equally as inadequate in handling customer relations. Till this day we don't even know what they look like. Meeting John was the best thing ever that ever happened to us. He used to be a defense attorney so he knows the ins and outs of what is possible. He fights for his clients, stays in contact with one another, and always keeps us informed on updates or changes in the case. Far superior to any attorney we have worked with in the past!"

  5 years ago     Nicol Hannah

"Delfino Green & Green handled my disability case in the San Francisco Bay Area and I recommend them highly. Bill Green was thorough in evaluating my case and explaining the issues to me. I felt they were a strong advocate and were attentive and concerned with protecting my best interests. They kept me up to date and communicated well. I am a physician and was referred to them by another physician so they can be called 'the doctors' lawyer.'"

  5 years ago     Kenneth Fechtner


1010 B Street, Suite 320
San Rafael, CA 94901


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Bailey & Ehrenberg Honored In the 2011-2012 U.S. News-Best Lawyers®
Bailey & Ehrenberg Honored In the 2011-2012 U.S. News-Best Lawyers®