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Barry William Fissel

Litigation, Employee Rights, Insurance, Personal Injury

Breanna Caldwell

Electronic Commerce, Business, Commercial Real Estate

Breanne Marie Rubin

Health Care Other, Health Care, Business & Trade, Business

Carrie Leigh Urrutia Sponseller

Administrative Law, Employee Rights, Litigation, Workers' Compensation

Chad David Huber

Tax, Real Estate, Estate, Elder Law

Colleen Leona Diedrich

Industry Specialties, Employment, Civil & Human Rights

D. Casey Talbott

Litigation, Lawsuit & Dispute, Insurance, Personal Injury

David Curtin Krock

Estate Planning, Estate, Corporate, Business

David Lee Kuhl

Health Care Other, Health Care, Corporate, Business

Dirk Patrick Plessner

General Practice

Emilie Kate Richardson

General Practice

Fadi V. Nahhas

International, Immigration, Antitrust, Commercial Bankruptcy

Fadi Victor Nahhas

International, Immigration, Antitrust, Commercial Bankruptcy

Frank Edward Kane

General Practice

Frank David Jacobs

International Tax, Electronic Commerce, Estate Planning, Business

Gary Lee Miller

Landlord-Tenant, Elder Law, Civil & Human Rights

Gary Martin Harden

Tax, Real Estate, Corporate, Commercial Bankruptcy

Gene Robert Abercrombie

Real Estate, Lawsuit, Patent, Immigration

Graham Alan Bluhm

Real Estate, Business

Heidi Noelle Hartman

Juvenile Law, Immigration, Government Agencies, Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Henry Neil Heuerman

Litigation, Corporate, Banking & Finance, Commercial Bankruptcy

James B. Yates

Litigation, Public Schools, Employee Rights, Civil Rights

James Waller Millon

General Practice

James Finch Nooney

Litigation, Insurance, Commercial Bankruptcy, Medical Malpractice

Jamille George Jamra

General Practice

Jared Jay Lefevre

Landlord-Tenant, Litigation, Federal Appellate Practice, Family Law

Jeffrey David Snavely

Corporate, Business

John Thomas Landwehr

General Practice

John Howard Boggs

Real Estate, Electronic Commerce, Health Care Other, Estate Planning

John Richard Eastman

General Practice

John Michael Carey

Corporate, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Commercial Bankruptcy

Joseph Arthur Gregg

Litigation, Environmental Law Other, Environmental Law, Workers' Compensation

Kaitlin Hoop


Kenneth Charles Baker

Banking & Finance, Business, Commercial Bankruptcy, Bankruptcy

Kevin Dominic Devaney

Health Care, Business

Kristina Lee Marie Wildman

Estate Planning

Kristina Lee Marie Wildman

Estate Planning, Estate

Lane David Williamson

Real Estate, Estate

Louise Anne Jackson

Tax, Estate, Corporate, Administrative Law

Lynn Vuketich Luther

Real Estate, Employment Contracts

Marcus James Brubaker

Real Estate, Estate, Banking & Finance, Personal Injury

Mark Howard Boss

Estate, Estate Planning, Business

Mark William Sandretto

Lawsuit & Dispute, Litigation

Matthew David Harper

Construction, Litigation, Banking & Finance, Collection

Melissa Marie VanGessel

Immigration, Workers' Compensation, Employee Rights, Employment

Michael William Regnier

Litigation, Electronic Commerce, Business, Medical Malpractice

Myron Charles Collins

Other, Real Estate Other, Lawsuit & Dispute, Accident & Injury

Nicole Aleece Flynn

General Practice

Nicole A. Heller Flynn

General Practice

Patrick James Johnson

Real Estate, Trusts, Immigration, Intellectual Property

Peter Raymond Casey

General Practice

Reginald Sherman Jackson

Litigation, Divorce & Family Law, Criminal, Civil & Human Rights

Richard Thomas Sargeant

Environmental Law Other, Environmental Law, Administrative Law, Business

Richard Lee Johnson

Workers' Compensation, Employee Rights, Administrative Law, Business

Richard Eugene Antonini

General Practice

Robert John Gilmer

Litigation, Environmental Law Other, Employee Rights, Civil Rights

Ronald James Tice

Tax, Real Estate, Corporate, Commercial Bankruptcy

Rudolph Alfred Peckinpaugh

Litigation, Admiralty & Maritime, Insurance, Medical Malpractice

Sarah Elizabeth Pawlicki

Other, Employment, Civil & Human Rights

Scott Alan Johnson

Corporate, Litigation, Construction, Patent

Steven Dale Reinbolt

Construction, Real Estate, International, Banking & Finance

Stuart James Goldberg

Litigation, Electronic Commerce, Insurance, Personal Injury

Thomas Allen Dixon

Immigration, Employment, Divorce & Family Law, Civil & Human Rights

Thomas John Gibney

Workers' Compensation, Employee Rights, Civil Rights, Administrative Law

William D. Holt

Workers' Compensation, Labor Law, Administrative Law, Business

William Patrick Bingle

Lawsuit & Dispute, Employment

Estate Planning, Litigation

Eastman & Smith Ltd.

Criminal, Lawsuit & Dispute, Employment, Industry Specialties, Real Estate Law firm

Eastman & Smith Ltd.

Tax, Trusts, Divorce & Family Law, Bankruptcy & Debt, International Law firm

Eastman & Smith Ltd.

Employment Law firm

Ritter, Robinson, McCready & James, Ltd.

Insurance, Litigation, Government, Accident & Injury

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Jerry P. Purcel Attorney at Law

Bankruptcy & Debt, Criminal, Accident & Injury, Divorce & Family Law, Estate

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Law Offices of Adray & Grna

Accident & Injury

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Law Offices Of Lorin J. Zaner

Criminal, Family Law

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The Law Office of Paul D. Frankel

General Practice, Entertainment, Litigation, Personal Injury, Business

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The Law Office of Roger K. Zimmerman

Felony, Landlord-Tenant, Bankruptcy & Debt, Litigation

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Joseph P. Jordan


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Law Office of David C. Shook

Criminal, DUI-DWI, Adoption, Divorce, Custody & Visitation

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Divorce & Family Law, Criminal

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Cline, Cook, & Weisenburger Co., LPA

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Administrative Law, Estate Planning, Dispute Resolution, Estate, Lawsuit & Dispute

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D M Kennedy & Associates, PLLC

Elder Law, Estate Planning, Medicare & Medicaid

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Williams Declark Tuschman Co LPA

Medical Malpractice, Bad Faith Insurance, Transportation & Shipping, Professional Malpractice, Health Care

Law Office of Richard Kolb, LLC

Banking & Finance, Construction, Elder Law, Estate Administration, Estate Planning

Eastman & Smith Ltd.

Toledo, OH 43699


Toledo, OH 43699

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EOIR Adds Three New Board of Immigration Appeals Members
on April 1, 2020, the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) published an interim rule expanding the size of the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA) from 21 members to 23. On May 1, 2020, the EOIR announced the investiture of three new members of the BIA.
Do I Really Need an Estate Plan?
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wrongful termination is a complex issue, especially considering that unless you have proof the employer violated your rights by firing you, they are free to terminate any contract they choose.
Court documents reveal a jury award of $990,438.90 in a truck vs. vehicle collision where the Plaintiff had been drinking and driving
attorney Alex Galindo with Curd, Galindo & Smith, LLP announces a jury verdict in truck vs. auto case.
USCIS Guidance for COS and VWP Entrants During Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak
on April 13, 2020, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published informal guidance regarding certain immigration services during the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We will go through some of the highlights of the guidance in this post.
Curd, Galindo & Smith, LLP announce that the Brothers of a Burn Victim have Sued a Mobile Home Park Owner for the Death of their Sister
curd, Galindo & Smith, LLP announces that a Burn Victim Died After a 65 Day Fight for Her Life and Brothers Sued Landowners.
California Supreme Court Overturns 150 Year Old Law
curd Galindo Smith, LLP is proud to announce that the California Supreme Court has overturned the 150 year old ruling in People v. Skidmore
Plaintiff Claimed Hotel Failed to protect Concrete Walkway
attorneys Alex Galindo and Richard Wynn with Curd, Galindo & Smith, LLP Announces Orange County Jury Awards $1,600,000 in Personal Injury Claim in the matter entitled Khuong Nguyen v. Peninsula Hotel Management, LLC dba Ramada Plaza Hotel and Dzung Truong, Orange County Superior Court Case No. 30-2010-00387330.
Bankruptcy Can Save Your Home and Other Assets
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DOS Postpones the Opening of Entry Status Check for Diversity Visa-2021 Applications
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