Yanez & Associates Divorce & Family Law Attorneys Orange County

Yanez & Associates Divorce & Family Law Attorneys Orange County

Divorce & Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law

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Bettina Yanez

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Divorce & Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Family Law
Orange County Family Law Firm

Family Law Certified Specialist, Attorney Bettina L. Yanez is the founder of Yanez & Associates Divorce & Family Law Attorneys Orange County. The Orange County Law Firm is Located in... (more)

Adoptions, Elder Law, divorce, family law, custody, domestic violence

"Putting her legal skill and knowledge aside which is exemplary, Bettina has a quality that is equally important and that is unbridled passion for protecting and fighting for her clients. She is high energy and has a heart of gold. There are a handful of top notch attorneys in Orange County and she is certainly among them, but it's her zeal and caring demeanor that really sets her apart from the rest. You can't teach this. You either have it or you don't, and she has it without question. Thanks Bettina."

  7 months ago     Douglas Borthwick

"This firm has continually offered support whenever family law issues have arisen. This is a firm that I highly recommend to both friends, family, and coworkers. These divorce lawyers in Orange County put their primary focus on what is in the best interest of the child. They will help make the process as smooth as possible. A thank you is simply not enough to express my gratitude!!!"

  9 months ago     Tiffany Gruenberg

"Let me first begin by saying that from the beginning to the end, the Yanez & Associates Firm have stayed true and consistent to their word. From the initial phone call to the consultation, to scheduled and unscheduled calls and emails, each person that I have interacted with has been professional and consistent. There will be a theme of consistency and veracity that will shine through this review and your interactions with any Yanez & Associates representative, lawyer, etc. should you make the responsible decision to utilize their services and expertise. The firm is also centrally located near Lamoreaux Justice Center, where my hearings took place. I was blessed to have a consultation with Joanna Wong, for my child custody/visitation case, whom 'wowed' me after only speaking to her for a few minutes during our no charge consultation. My custody 'battle' by standard and definition was very cut and dry (no divorce, paternity established at birth, no DV), yet it got really complicated and with many continuances; 4 to be exact. I began with a lawyer whom I knew personally and did not specialize in Family Law, therefore, I was misrepresented and had some concerns with my prior attorney's ethics that could have compromised my case. Therefore, after the first continuance, I immediately sought new representation and consulted with at least 3 other attorneys/firms. I had a late appointment with Joanna and she allowed me to express my concerns without bias or judgment nor did she interrupt and offer 'her opinion' or recommendations without first allowing me to share my concerns fully. Joanna Wong was not pushy nor negligent. She provided an honest recommendation at the end of the initial consultation and was upfront with fees. Nonetheless, I retained Joanna and she prepared for my next hearing in about 4-5 weeks after our consultation. She was also responsive to all emails and calls in a timely fashion (typically within a few hours not to exceed 24 hours, even coming off a weekend). I could expect an email first thing in the morning if I emailed over a weekend. Joanna gave very appropriate and realistic legal advice when I was throwing a lot of 'evidence' her way. She compiled the information I provided in a concise manner and created arguments that focused on the issues and ensured that my children's best interest was always the main focus. Joanna has practiced for 3 years and opposing counsel had practiced for 16+ years and Joanna blew her out of the water with ensuring the direction of each hearing was focused on my children and not personal factors that were non-related to the case. I felt and feel supported by Joanna and the professional relationship she and I have formulated will be one that I cherish. My children are the most important beings and factors in my life and Joanna ensured that they received the best possible outcome by shining light on factors that secured their welfare, education, and health. I highly recommend Joanna Wong as well as Yanez & Associates for all child custody matters as I can attest Joanna has proven to be professional in every regard (i.e. attire, communication, punctuality). I am 100% satisfied and it is true that quality over quantity is appropriate here. Custody matters and attorney fees can be very expensive, but I will say consulting and being represented by Joanna Wong for Yanez & Associates was and is well worth it. I am a very satisfied mommy and I personally thank you Joanna Wong, Esq."

  9 months ago     Ashley Young 'student'

"I cannot thank Yanez & Associates more! We had a very difficult and very personal case. They did everything in their power to fight for us and be there for us through the whole process. I would like to personally thank Mr. Sean Yanez and especially Iraida Oliva! We could not have asked for a better person to be in our corner than Iraida. She put in many long and difficult hours to help us and we appreciate everything and couldn't have asked for more!! I know we wouldn't have been able to have done this by ourselves."

  9 months ago     Jim Ceja

"Bettina Yanez recommended that 100% sole legal and physical custody of my two daughters be given to their father (my ex abuser) without merit, solely based on heresay (total lies) from my ex. She did not like me from the get-go because I had the audacity to ask questions and challenge what she was telling me. She was extremely rude and biased towards me, even threw her finger about 3' away from my face when I made the mistake of talking over her, which I thought was ok since she did the same to me continuously. She ended up telling me she 'was done with me'!and walked out of the room we were in at the court house (before the hearing) leaving me stumped and bewildered at her behavior and lack of professionalism. She walked out and walked straight over to my ex abuser who was sitting out in the hall, where unbeknownst to her, my mother and brother were also sitting, with her hands thrown up telling my ex abuser that 'she was done with me' along with some other choice words. It is beyond comprehension how a woman like her can be given so much authority, the power to remove children from their mother after only spending a minimal amount of time and not even getting the full story. I understand attorneysvate swamped in general, but Incam bet my life, this lady spends more time responding to attorney reviews than she does in most cases. By the way, my yelp login was revoked because she threatened defamation when I kept reposting my review of her which she kept getting removed and ultimately my login revoked. So don't trust yelp for honest reviews. I can only hope Google will leave this review up. Bettina Yanez is unprofessional, extremely rude, condescending does not listen well, much less do thorough research on cases, took the word of a sociopathic abuser as gospel without doing her due diligence when she was supposed to be a neutral party acting in the best interests of my daughters and is a money hungry, type A narcissist on a power trip, with no regard for the consequences of her bad recommendations, in my opinion. (which the first amendment to the US constitution states I'm entitled to give--you're welcome!). Your retainer funds would be better spent on an attorney who actually andvtry cares about you and your family matters, does their homework and makes fair, merited, unbiased recommendations."

  9 months ago     Michelle Acosta


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