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  • Firm Year: 1993


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Mark Godbey

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Accident & Injury, Estate Planning, Wills & Probate, Bankruptcy & Debt, Divorce & Family Law
Full-service law firm representing individuals and small business throughout Greater Cincinnati

Mark Edward Godbey is a native of Cincinnati, Ohio and owner of Mark Godbey & Associates. Our law firm is a full service, general practice firm, servi... (more)

At Godbey Law, we strive to be the right attorney for each client. Every case we have is our most important case, because we know it is important for you. We are dedicated to our clients, their families and their businesses. Our firm has been serving the Greater Cincinnati, Ohio, area and Northern Kentucky since 1989. We are proud to have many clients who come back to the firm for all of their legal needs or who refer others to us for representation. Call or email us today to learn how we may help you.

We are a firm of trial lawyers, but we also understand the value of negotiation and alternative dispute resolution. When litigation can be resolved favorably out of court, we will take that approach. However, be assured that we will be aggressive at trial if that is in your best interest.

We maintain an efficient office in many ways, including staying current with technology. This allows us to conduct business quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

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"My husband and I had attorney Vardiman for a very difficult custody case, and we can't say enough great things about Godbey law. The staff is amazing and we always felt our case was just as much as priority as the next. Attorney Vardiman did an excellent job! He is very intelligent and has really great analytical skills. He was very professional, he genuinely seemed to care about our case and he fought so hard and did every thing possible to get the end result which was full custody! We will forever be so grateful for Godbey law, attorney Vardiman, and staff!"

  6 months ago     Christine Abel

"With such outstanding service provided to me personally, I felt it was important to share my experience with Attorney Matthew Miller-Novak.nnI first spoke with Attorney Miller-Novak, who met with me for a free consultation. He included every detail as he took notes, and asked all the right questions. I decided to hire him and he guided me through the stressful litigation process. Every time I called to speak to him, he made sure to answer my calls, and respond to my emails promptly.nnAttorney Matthew E. Miller-Novak handled my case with a successful outcome. He is a great attorney to work with, knowledgeable and highly effective.nnWhen Godbey Law agree's to take your case, you have the power of the entire firm, at your disposal. If looking for an honest, hard working attorney, and an all around quality human being, then look no further than Attorney Miller-Novak.nnThank you Matthew Miller-Novak for being passionate, caring, and very thorough. My experience at Godbey Law has been excellent on every level. nnThank you Attorney Dennis S. Risch for referring me to Matthew E. Miller-Novak."

  7 months ago     Mr. Miller

"Edwin is my lawyer. When signing documents regarding my home he had to rewrite paragraphs 1- 4. It didn't read as if were to receive anything. Thank you so much Edwin you are the best at what you do. Sincerely your client T.."

  11 months ago     Terri Harrison

"Had a wonderful working relationship with Taylor McIntosh at Godbey law downtown location for a significant amount of time. He left for undisclosed to me reasons. The individual I was stuck with by the firm immediately alienated me on our first call with the bad news of Taylor leaving, a less than positive attitude for having in his words been "stuck with 20 clients that he can't charge" apparently first meeting is like starting over with free consult. I asked him to familiarize himself with my case and I would get back to him after holidays. That was November, yesterday he berated and offered my money back no less than 4x in a 3 minute phone call because I sent an email requesting follow-up on my case and didn't know what his name was since no contact when he lied about reading my file and getting back with me. Blamed me harshly etc. I strongly recommend Taylor McIntosh however the nameles jerk who bashed me and lied to me not so much."

  11 months ago     William Maines

"My experience with Godbey has been a very positive one. Attorney Edwin Vardinman took my case on a moment's notice because another attorney at a different law firm left me hanging in the wind and I am ever so grateful that Attorney Vardinman stepped in when he did. Attorney Vardinman was honest, answered all of my questions, was very detailed in preparation for court, made sure I was prepared for court, was always on time, followed up with me after court to make sure I understood the outcome of the Court's decision, and much more. Attorney Vardinman is highly respected by many and his reputation is that he treatsu200b all of his clients with the upmost respect and give his best to each and every case. I highly recommend Attorney Vardinman. Also the receptionist there, Tonya, is really sweet and professional."

  1 year ago     Tara Chapman

Godbey Law
708 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202


708 Walnut Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

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