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Gregory J. Tarone, Attorney & Counselor at Law

Gregory J. Tarone, Attorney & Counselor at Law

Real Estate, Business Organization, Sports, Contract, Wills & Probate

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  • Firm Year: 1979
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By submitting this lawyer request, I confirm I have read and agree to the Consent to Receive Email, Phone, Text Messages, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy. Information provided may not be privileged or confidential.
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Gregory J. Tarone

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Sports, Real Estate, Business Organization, Contract, Estate
Transactions and Business Matters

Gregory J. Tarone, Esq. has been active in the New York Bar since 1979. Besides both professional and amateur athletics, including international competitions, his practice has included... (more)

"I was selling a large business that I had started and owned for over 12 years and needed a Lawyer on very short notice. It was my first time ever selling a business and I was lucky enough to have found Gregory Tarone. He did everything that he promised and met our very demanding deadline to ensure that the sale went through. I went on to utilize his services after the sale of my company and found him to be honest, professional, knowledgeable and he educated me on things I needed to know to protect my business in the future. I would highly recommend Gregory Tarone's services."

  4 months ago     Brian Foley

"Extremely unprofessional and rude. Would advise you look elsewhere if you need an attorney who respects client privacy in the Newburgh area."

  1 year ago     Amazon Local


5020 Route 9W, Suite 104
Newburgh, NY 12550


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